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Villager: Strixen

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ID: #49858

Name: Strixen

Gender: Male

Location: Quetzal Palace

Born 5 years, 4 months ago

Career: Explorer

Owner: Xen

Species: Dutch Angel Dragon

Color: Bay


House: Quetzal Palace House (105/105)

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Approved: 24 Jul 2016, 11:01 pm

Likes: 136 ♥

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Paintie by mieulinhtu

Name: Strixen (pronounced: Stricks-in)
Gender: Male
Age: Adult (The Hoowl stop counting years after they reach adulthood)
Sexuality: Bisexual
Species: Hoowl (Regulated. PM me if you would like to create one! :3)
Profession: Herbalist
Roleplay Type: Anthro/Feral only

The Hoowl

The Hoowl are a secretive race. They prefer to keep to themselves, hiding deep in their cavernous homes and only venturing outside during the deepest, darkest, part of the night.


The Hoowl are very well adapted to their dark, subterranean, homes. Their eyes glow with a magical inner light; the same light that illuminates their crystal horns and claws. Their wings are strong and flexible, allowing them to use the claws at the wrist joint as an extra pair of arms to help them crawl around in the smaller sections of their caves.
Their methods of travel are quite varied. They are usually quadrupedal, but if needed, they can rear up on their hind legs and walk a few steps. In a large enough cavern they can fly for short distances, but they tend to only take flight when above ground.
The Hoowl's main method of communication is a quiet cooing. Very rarely do they make any vocalization louder than a whisper.
Their diet consists of mostly insects that they find in the caves and during their night flights. A Hoowl does not require much food to remain healthy. A couple moths a night is enough. Most of their energy comes from magic.
A Hoowl's large, ram-like horns are very important to them, both culturally and physically. The horns are made from a very strong, crystalline substance and are very difficult to break. Which is good, because the loss of a horn cripples the Hoowl for life. The horns act as both a way to absorb ambient magic and a type of 'inner ear'. A Hoowl's sense of balance depends on having an identical horn on each side of their head. Hoowl with broken or deformed horns are unable to function, and die a slow death by magical and physical starvation.


The Hoowl are split into two groups. The 'Owls' are loners, choosing to live in the more inhospitable caves away from other Hoowl. They live their lives completely alone, aside from the few days they meet another Hoowl to mate. They are emotionally distant and do not care about the welfare of others.
The 'Wolves' are the other faction, and those Hoowl live in groups inside large caverns. They are very social and are willing to help others in their clan. There are many Wolf type communities, and they often feud with each other over the limited suitable underground space.
The hierarchy of Wolf groups can become complicated at times, since the leader is typically the strongest Hoowl in the clan. However, they also pay much respect to those with large horns. Usually, the larger the horns, the stronger the magic a Hoowl possesses. But there have been exceptions.


The Hoowl possess powerful magic, and have the intelligence needed to use it effectively. All Hoowl have the ability to do all types of magic. However, an individual will usually focus on mastering one element rather than trying to become adept at controlling them all. Mastering an element is a long, difficult, process that few Hoowl ever complete. Most settle for getting the hang of a few useful spells and leave the fancy stuff to the scholars of the clan.
Owl type Hoowl rarely bother learning any more magic than is needed for them to be able to protect themselves and obtain food.

Body Types

All Hoowl must have:
Four legs (style, size, and shape may vary)
Wings (number, style, size, and shape may vary)
Claws at the wing wrist joint (number can vary from one to three)
Two large, crystalline, horns on their head (style, size, and shape can vary)
Large eyes (color can vary, but the eyes must glow)
Large ears (style and shape may vary)
A Hoowl may have:
A mane or other style of long hair/fur
A feather crest or other style of decorative feathers
Small additional horns or spikes (must be smaller than the main horns)
A tail (number, style, size, and shape may vary)
Teeth (If no teeth, they must have a full beak. Most Hoowl have a mix of a muzzle and a beak)
A Hoowl may NOT have:
Fins of any type
Any large part of their body on fire, frozen, electrified, or glowing
Any mechanical parts, artificial limbs, or be made from any unusual substance. (A Hoowl must have a solid, organic, body)
More than four legs
More than one head
More than one mouth
More than one set of large horns
Hoowl come in many colors, with many different patterns and markings. A Hoowl generally has a dull, muted, tone to their coat, with slightly brighter colors for any markings or patterns they have.
A Hoowl's eyes are the only really bright part on their body. The eyes can be any bright color, and they must glow. The color of the eyes is also reflected slightly in the crystal horns on their body, since that is the color of their magic.

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