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Villager: Davick

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ID: #53487

Name: Davick

Gender: Male

Location: Dragonsmaw Manor

Born 5 years, 6 months ago

Career: Tailor

Owner: toastedfurret

Species: Cat

Color: Tuxedo


House: FurCoin House

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Approved: 7 Jul 2016, 12:34 am

Likes: 48 ♥

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Davick has fallen ill with Blood Obsession. Time taken to craft an item is increased by 50%. This illness can be cured with Plasma Drink.


THANK YOU FOR ALL THE COMMENTS~! QwQ They're all extremely appreciated! <3

Name: Davick

Gender: Male

Species: Monster Cat

Likes: The dark, screams, scaring others, Halloween themed food, friends

Dislikes: Being told he's wrong, bright lights, rejection, being alone especially at social events.

Personality: Davick is a trickster who enjoys scaring others and making himself laugh.. It's sometimes hard for him to understand that his antics actually hurt people since he believes it's all in good fun. While Davick has the ability to give others terrible nightmares and hallucinations, he only uses it when extremely angered or something he loves is threatened.. He's super social and can be somewhat flirty, but due to his unlikable qualities and his inability to tell when he's doing something wrong. he has a rough time getting close to most people.

Paintie and Design by me

Comments 45

    • Thank you so much! Davick seems pretty rad. :D

    • Davick is so adorable!! He's my kind of aesthetics.

    • Thank you! I love all Davick's extra limbs<3

    • Thank you tons! He's a spoopy fellow :^)

    • Awesome design! I love the extra arms. :o

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