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Villager: Glass


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ID: #53509

Name: Glass

Gender: Female

Location: Oceandome

Born 4 years, 10 months ago

Career: Explorer

Owner: SylphOfSpace

Species: Dutch Angel Dragon

Color: Palomino


House: FurCash House

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Approved: 30 Aug 2016, 11:39 pm

Likes: 58 ♥

Tags: doctor cute dad injury angeldragon rp roleplay medic injured dutchad effects

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made by Sticky-Paws !

Ah yes, the Doctor!

|| Female || Pansexual || Polyromantic || Single! ||
css by Teacup !

Hello! Thanks for visiting my soft hearted Floof!

This is Glass, a very gentle and timid young doctor. I have yet to make her paintie too, and this one is indeed not an extraterrestrial! Oh my gosh! I'm glad I got the tiny wings, they suit this little faint-hearted Angel Dragon so well!

Onto her Summary!~

made by MonsterFluff !

Glass is a very calm and timid Angel Dragon, who prefers living within her own working space. For example, if she has a build doctor's hut, she'll have a space to live in it too! She's a very dedicated health offical, who will be on the scene the moment it happens.

Glass was born a runt, smaller than the rest of the litter, mangled, unusable wings, and with albinism. She didn't move much or seem to respond, while her siblings were already on their feet and learning to hunt. She was soon abandoned by her mother, thinking the runt wouldn't live a month.

Thankfully she managed to survive on her own, hidden in a dense thicket of overgrowth, and soon teaching herself how to walk, and move. She has always been disabled with her wings, and to this day has a lot of trouble walking. Due to albinism, Glass' eyesight is so bad she's nearly blind.

After growing enough on her own, Glass came across a village, where she then learned how to speak, the native language of the village being English. Glass had been raised in said village, and while they put her up for being a warrior, Glass' inabilities kept her from such. Plus, fighting just wasn't her style.

Soon after growing enough, and learning how to become a Doctor, Glass set off once again to live on her own. Her story now splits in two roads, one being for her own world, and one for here, on Furvilla!

Soon she came across Sukii, who had hurt her leg on land, searching for materials and new plants to grow. Glass questioned where Sukii lived, so she could treat her wounds at her home. Sukii had mentioned Oceandome, pointing to the large, vast sea. She gave Glass a diving mask and oxygen pouch, as she led the doctor to her village.

Glass soon became accustomed to Oceandome, and decided to live here!

stickers done by ArinOtter !~

That's about it! I'm always open for Rp's with Glass, though I prefer them being in fourms ;w;

What I feel unsafe with when Rping:

- Sex. I've had some bad problems in the past, and it's very hard for me to really touch over this topic. Please don't interact with me in an rp in a sexual way! (though ocs flirting is fine! ^w^)

- Sensitive Topics. things like recent events going on, such as shootings, Kkk members, fighting... I really just don't want to be a part of that!

Honestly, that's really it! though if there is something that bothers me, I will message you privately or tell you if it's a 1 on 1 Rp ^w^

Things I Tend to do in Rps!

- I am the angst queen. Drama drama drama is all I'm about, honestly! If you wouldn't like me to put angst in an rp, please tell me!~

- Gore. I love gore! Especially Body Horror, which I know both can be very sensitive! I personally love it, but if you're sensitive to this please let me know!

- Real Situations. In an rp, I can cause fights (verbally) between two of my (Or yours/ another persons, if they allow!) characters, and it will show damage, or something within their bond on my side. These can get really...well, real, and range from everything up to sexual things. I stop borderline before anything sexual.

Aand again, that's about it~ Let me know if anything I do upsets you, but please be Polite about it! Thank you!~~

Full sized!



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    • *shy hug from tempest* <3

    • What an uber cutie!

    • Thank you! Glass is just lovely. <3

    • i dont like DADs but OH MY GOD. this paintie is BEAUTIFUL. this is the only DAD ive ever liked. SHES SO BEAUTIFUL i love her

    • Why thank you! You're quite pretty yourself... though your wing... I'm sure my husband could fix you right up if you ever pass by the village.

      (ooc: Thanks! I plan to write more eventually but I kind of just pulled these out in 5 minutes to fit the painties. I like your description here too. Maybe we could rp sometime? Not necessarily furvilla rp but some rp. c: )

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