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Villager: Swift



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ID: #5708

Name: Swift

Gender: Genderfluid

Location: Olde Foxbury

Born 4 years, 10 months ago

Career: Animal Husbandry

Owner: Swift_The_Corgski

Species: Canine

Color: Husky


House: FurCash House

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Approved: 22 Jul 2016, 2:13 am

Likes: 19 ♥

Tags: wolf corgi husky mutt swift corgski

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Swift is a mix of mostly corgi and husky, but also a tad bit of wolf. Roughly the size of a corgi in feral form, but rather tall in anthro form. Not pictured above, Swift has a black spot on the center of their back. Also wears other accessories besides the bandana above. Sometimes wears other colored ones, designed ones, ties, and/or a collar with their name on it. Prefers any pronouns, though doesn't like just being called she/her all the time since was born female. Taken by a female wolf named Silver Rain and is attached completely to her, despite the fact Silver is quite larger than them. Swift suffers from depression and anxiety but doesn't let it phase them unless it gets really bad. Also is a bit of an ambivert. Can be quite lazy though and is 21 in human years. Swift is kind, funny, weird, nerdy, bisexual, and crazy and will do everything they can to protect the ones they love and care about.

Likes: food, anime and manga, Harry Potter (proud hufflepuff and wampus), movies, books, purple, dogs, wolves, some cats, bunnies, horses, dragons, drawing, writing, reading, most types of music, some parties, watching tv, sleeping, their mate, family, friends, joking around, pulling pranks, playfully insulting, and more.

Dislikes: spiders, thunderstorms and other natural disasters, homophobes and other horrible people, loneliness, their depression and anxiety, the dark, people spoiling books, movies, tv, etc, being invalidated, being insulted in non-playful/joking ways, fighting with people close to them, and more.

Paintie made by Raieth :)

Comments 5

    • Fafnir isn't any specific species, just a dragony thing.

    • A really pleasing design!

    • Sadly, none of my characters have any bio yet so not much to look at. D: I hope to amend that next week, since I'll be out for most of this one. Especially since a bunch have painties sitting around waiting to be put in queue as I don't like to upload them to 'blank' description characters. And yes, Orchid's gorgeous! I love the flower in real life and her design's lovely. ^^

    • Thank you! And I really do love your profile set ups and all the characters. (Honestly, I should get off my butt and do my profiles Q_Q) I think Amethyst could get along well with my Iantha. :) And appearance-design wise, I just have weakness for purple. haha, so I immediately noticed her in the paintie list and then really liked her character-wise design!

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