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Villager: Kata


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ID: #71376

Name: Kata

Gender: Female

Location: Oceandome

Born 4 years, 7 months ago

Career: Animal Husbandry

Owner: KrimsonCreature

Genus: Shifty

Species: Red Fox

Color: Cherry Red


House: FurCash House

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Approved: 2 Jan 2017, 12:45 am

Likes: 41 ♥

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Kata looks stunning!

Kata's very special treasures!


(Sona Paintie done by me and shading/lighting was collaborated between me and DividedByZero. <3)

~About Kata~



A shy girl with the best of intentions, Kata just wishes to get along with everyone. She doesn't want to fight anyone, both because she's friendly and because she's not at all a fan of pain, physical or emotional. When she meets those that don't take kindly to her, she prefers to talk it out, or better yet, avoid them all together, as she's not that confident in her own voice, so that for her might cause just as much discomfort. But she doesn't take well to being treated cruelly for no reason, so if someone messes with her enough times, her desire to avoid a fight can quickly turn to a desire to fight. But she'll try her best to refrain, unless she feels her life is in danger.

Kata is a devoted artist, often to the point that she'll blow off other obligations. If not that, she might be distracted or is being lazy. But with the right motivation, she can get things done in a much more timely manner.

~Feral/INSAINT Version~

Tail Symbol

In the universe of INSAINT (I'll eventually reveal what this stands for) all red foxes have their white tipped tails in a pattern that has special meanings representing who they are. Each symbol has a positive and negative meaning. Kata's tail pattern consists of long zigzags.

A zigzag symbol represents: Evasion.


1. Kata 'evades' conflict physically and socially. She is good at avoiding attacks and will try to deescalate situations if she feels they are going badly.

2. Kata 'evades' danger. She isn't one to risk her life unnecessarily.
If she comes upon a split path, where one path is a shorter distance, but has hidden bear traps and the other path is 3 times as long, but has no dangers, best believe she's taking the long way.


1. Kata 'evades' problems.

If she eats something and learns it belonged to someone, who is now angrily asking where it went, it will be very difficult for her not to lie and say she didn't do it. She fears anger being directed towards her, so her first reflex is to deflect it. But ultimately, she'll just apologetically own up to it.

2. Kata evades responsibility.

Kata is fine with small tasks like bringing a small item from point A to point B, but she is not at all a fan of heavy lifting. So unless someone is a kit or an elder, she will happily, and quickly, accept an offer to take a burden off her paws.

~Kata in General~

She loves food. Sweets especially. Give her all the delicious food. Except pumpernickel seeds. Offer her those and you will deeply offend her. Deeply.




By HappyBuddy


By WarriorMaiden



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    • put a sword through its brain
      ...you want to know how to get the skull open for that, don't you?

      uhhh slap it with a stick in the right spot maybe?

    • Aw, thanks :D 70 is a good number

    • Thank you for telling me about the Felillas! Those are so dang cute ugh.. ;^;

    • I think that might be more work than I am looking for at the present time but I wish you all the luck, that species is super cute.

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