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Villager: Aberdale

Villager Info

ID: #71896

Name: Aberdale

Gender: Male

Location: Quetzal Palace

Born 4 years, 6 months ago

Career: Doctor

Owner: theWitchPrince

Species: Hyena

Color: Striped


House: FurCash House

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Approved: 6 Jul 2016, 6:56 am

Likes: 15 ♥

Tags: doctor hyena glasses alchemist

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A nervous little fella, Aberdale really just wants to help! He's much better at healing than he is talking, honest! Working really hard to achieve his dream of making perfect medicines; Aberdale mainly focuses on doctoring but occasionally dabbles in alchemy as well. He's very shy, and is always worried he might be offending someone. Luckily his friend (and herb supplier) Barley is always there to pick him up when he gets too down.

Single // Available for RP

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