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Villager: Arth Wen

Villager Info

ID: #78417

Name: Arth Wen

Gender: Male

Location: Olde Foxbury

Born 6 years, 1 month ago

Career: Warrior

Owner: forumsdackel

Feast Points: 0 (410 All-Time)

Species: Bear

Color: Polar

Costume: Angelic


House: FurCoin House

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Arth Wen looks stunning!

Arth Wen's very special treasures!


Comments 6

    • I should be mad about how you keep beating me but here I am wondering why you have a single red toenail, is it magic or something?

    • Well, I know I fought a lot of people, but I also know I would have made happy noises if I saw another angelic polar bear.... So I'm going to assume it was before you got your paintie xD ((And sorry.... But I was mostly just having fun, and then when they announced they'd be giving a lance to the top 10.... I needed one T__T; Lance collects lances..... ))

      And indeed they are! So you did all of this yourself? Quite impressive if I might say! I did the super hard part of removing the wings from the base, and then klavier did the easier part of editing the head and ears completely, and then Najarala did the even easier of jobs of coloring it.... xD They did a fantastic job on it over all and I can't thank them enough, as I have none of the skills to be creative... But I knew I wanted a polar bear, seeing as that's what he was since early beta, and home will always be in TEP~ <3

    • Gah! I feel sort of robbed that I never got to face you in the tournament! Another angelic polar bear~! Very nice work on the paintie~

    • Love this paintie o:

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