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Villager: Outsider

It Screams


Villager Info

ID: #78763

Name: Outsider

Gender: Old God

Location: Oceandome

Born 4 years, 10 months ago

Career: Explorer

Owner: Polymathema

Species: Rodent

Color: White Mouse


House: FurCash House

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Approved: 6 Jul 2016, 8:55 am

Likes: 97 ♥

Tags: vaporwave aesthetic seapunk tentacle tail

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Outsider is infected with Vampirism. Symptoms include craving blood, sensitivity to sunlight, an allergy to garlic, and changing into a bat after especially forceful sneezes. If they start to sparkle, immediately consume a Golden Apple to cure the infection.

Outsider's very special treasure!


The Leviathan
Name: Livyatan
Gender: Male Pronouns
Age: ????


Wow it's super hard to see in this place, somehow there is literal video distortion happening to your eyes and you're not sure what's up with that but you treck on going deeper.

Vaporwave plays from a great distance, he's seemingly sleeping on a couch with a pattern made out of holorefelctive material. The he in question being a small mouse, the distortion is louder here. There is a television on with the sound muted, the screen shows nothing but colour bars.

Behind the couch hanging suspended in thin air are giant panes of blue glass, illuminated in the pitch darkness by the television screen and from behind by some foreign source, shifting waves of colour that mimic the ocean in the way one might see it from deep below looking up at the cold light above.

There is nothing but darkness around you, around him, there is just the void.


Choose from the following:

>Cough politely to get his attention.

>Hum the Drunken Whaler.

>Try to change the channel.


Comments 53

    • Ah yes, this place again. They decided to stop by this weird little corner of reality again for one reason. Instead of doing anything in particular, they just fluttered up to the mouse's face, leaning forward to whisper "You're a big nerd." in his ear.

    • ((Ahh thankyou, it's not fully done yet. I still need to get the colors how i want them. The artist did a really good job on the artwork, I'm super happy with it. Really suggest them if you ever need anything done with backgrounds Not too sure how to fully reply to the roleplay as it seems to be drawing to a close, but it was super fun. Should definitely do a proper one x one sometime with some of your other characters if you'd be up for it..))

    • (Okay, wow. ALL THE RESPECT to you. Just wow. I am a hobbyist writer, especially due to often feeling like I can't write/getting depressed for long times and I have every drop of respect for someone who pushes on and writes so much. I have written a lot, in a way, but never decently finished something, closest is various aus of a world me and my friend created last year. So, I just curtsy and take my cap off to you. Those novels must be awesome, with characters like these! Are they with human forms or animals? I gather that all kinds of, with your game chars and everything. I usually end up making new chars for games I play, ahah. Your dedication to bringing your chars with you everywhere is admirable.

      And oh, yes, I checked out your shop, it's amazing! I'd love a slot, if only I could afford, when it opens. My only FD income is my own premades (like Caysey's paintie), but I can't do edits/drawing, so there's very limited interest in them and it takes a lot of sales to save up for something big.

      Any idea how many you plan to bring here? :D I'm curious how big your gorgeous village could/would grow!!)

    • (I have had a lot of rps and stories from which most have died but the characters have remained, moving into new worlds and things but often never getting a real chance to 'exist' again. They're with me in my heart, though. And often, I create a character in a world that never gets used. *sigh* For example, the cat thieves have never seen a rp or anything. But oh well! I ended up creating a whole bunch of characters for FV now, and I don't mind it in slightest, it's exciting and lovely to see them arrive and be like, hey, so I'm here now and not going anywhere.

      And to be honest, that's amazing, to keep characters like that. <33 I have some that are 10+ years old, ahaha. And darn, that makes me think of Leila and what a pretty white or soft golden feline in black and purple she'd be if I could make the paintie. /sweats I'm currently already saving up for a paintie for Gyda (who should get renamed to suit the future OC she's to have paintie of), but it's a slow process.

      And omg, it's not often people like purple!! Yes, green's gorgeous!! It's my 3rd favorite color, followed closely by midnight blue! 1st and 2nd is kind of actually on same level, purple and black.

      I feel like going through all your profiles and leaving happy ranting about how amazing they all are and what particular aspects I love of them, like Lunesta and Elektiel and their dynamics are just SO lovely!!)

    • (It definitely is!! Usually I have OCs for various settings who in the larger picture can't really be connected, but there's always at least 2 connected - like Nayrem and Nilofer are partners in crime. Coming here and seeing some amazing village lores I decided to try to put them all together, like said cat thieves are trying to get clean starts and helping Clemensa (who also has friends/connections to some other villagers by my friends). And aw, thank you! I absolutely LOVE purple, most of my villagers will probably end with some purple, ahaha. But I am really in awe how you've weaved everything together and the made painties. Can't wait to see the ones for Maeryven and Finnigos!)

    • (That sounds absolutely amazing, I love how you're setting up the interactions between your villagers. I hope to make a network of connections among all of mine, too, Clemensa being the main chain link in a sense, at least at beginning. And I did check this profile before, it's just so amazing!! To be honest, each your villager is an adventure on its own to read and get to know!! So, your compliment means so much!!)

    • "No need to thank me it'd be nice to have you as a guest some time." Smiling, her tail gave a soft wag. The canine had always been outgoing, eager to make friends and meet new people. It didn't take too long for Atriena to warm up to anyone honestly. For some reason however she had trouble keeping long term friends that she actively got to hang out with.

      His words drew her from her thoughts. "Not really," She assured him, giving a light chuckle. 'but alright. Thankyou again for helping me get back." She followed his gaze to the windows, dully noting the snow fall had slowed considerably.

    • "It was such a rushed thing honestly" She admired with a slight chuckle "Applied during the middle of a busy hour, were eager to start right on the spot too." They'ed only been hired earlier that day. The canine had plans to actually sit down tonight and go through their forms and properly figure things out.

      Atriena watched the mouse a moment as he looked around the establishment. "You're always welcome to stop by if you'd like." She pipped up. From the way he reacted to getting up from the couch it didn't seem like he got out of there much.

    • "The one bartender hasn't started yet, but the other is doing well." Her tail gave a gentle wag as she continued talking. "Really polite to the customers, I think he's had prior experience, but is a uncertain still since he just joined."

      It was honestly nice to have others helping her out at the place. Doing it solo was a little taxing at times, no matterh ow well she had gotten at multitasking. ""The other is a cook, bit shy, but he does really well. You can tell he's confident in his cooking and the customers love it."

    • "That's true, I wouldn't have moved here if it didn't happen." Still had some wandering left? That was definitely true. Sometimes she still longed for the thrill of adventure, but it'd been quite awhile since she delved back into any risky jobs or business. The canine had been busy with Chill Out, so maybe in a way the bar sort of helped her out too.

      "A few." Atriena chuckled lightly. "We have this one girl, comes by all the time. Plays the piano real well." Her tail gave a light witch in mild amusement as she continued. "By the end of the night though, I usually have to cut her off- it's pretty fun when she comes around."

      As she looked back to him, she remembered some more. "Just hired a few employees to help me out. They're interesting, but a good bunch."

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