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Villager: Outsider

It Screams


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ID: #78763

Name: Outsider

Gender: Old God

Location: Oceandome

Born 4 years, 10 months ago

Career: Explorer

Owner: Polymathema

Species: Rodent

Color: White Mouse


House: FurCash House

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Approved: 6 Jul 2016, 8:55 am

Likes: 97 ♥

Tags: vaporwave aesthetic seapunk tentacle tail

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Outsider is infected with Vampirism. Symptoms include craving blood, sensitivity to sunlight, an allergy to garlic, and changing into a bat after especially forceful sneezes. If they start to sparkle, immediately consume a Golden Apple to cure the infection.

Outsider's very special treasure!


The Leviathan
Name: Livyatan
Gender: Male Pronouns
Age: ????


Wow it's super hard to see in this place, somehow there is literal video distortion happening to your eyes and you're not sure what's up with that but you treck on going deeper.

Vaporwave plays from a great distance, he's seemingly sleeping on a couch with a pattern made out of holorefelctive material. The he in question being a small mouse, the distortion is louder here. There is a television on with the sound muted, the screen shows nothing but colour bars.

Behind the couch hanging suspended in thin air are giant panes of blue glass, illuminated in the pitch darkness by the television screen and from behind by some foreign source, shifting waves of colour that mimic the ocean in the way one might see it from deep below looking up at the cold light above.

There is nothing but darkness around you, around him, there is just the void.


Choose from the following:

>Cough politely to get his attention.

>Hum the Drunken Whaler.

>Try to change the channel.


Comments 53

    • Unsurprisingly that was a question she got a lot. Most of the time it wasn't asked so politely, but blunt right in her face as soon as they met. "Ah, you could sort of say that." She leaned back against counter top as she did her best to relax; watching him.

      Her left and actual real hand found it's way to her robotic arm. It wasn't something she was self conscious about, she was proud she had such a work of art to show off. Though, the story behind it wasn't too pleasant. "A meeting with a group I used to hang with went sour." She shifted her gaze back to the windows as she drifted through the memory. Of course Atriena wouldn't go into full details, that'd be risky. Not to mention he'd probably be bored by the long winded tale of rather shady associates. "I lost it due to a failed rendezvous with a rival group"

    • "Ah, thankyou." Smiling at him, she leaned against the bar counter top slightly. Mismatched gaze followed his to the windows; watching the snow drift lazily. "I don't get too many costumers, but I hope it grows one day." Her tail gave a gentle flick as she recalled one of her reasons for wanting to open it.
      "When i moved here, there weren't very many welcoming areas to socialize." Chuckling, she turned her attention back to him. Her metal digits made a soft click once in awhile as she tapped them against the wood. "I love meeting new people, so I decided to make one of my own."

    • (Ahh thankyou, they're such a great artist. uwu That's primarily her outfit at work, she has a very casual and sort attire when not working, so that'd probably be accurate. Though- i've been debating giving her more of a flapper flair to match her accent. Aha

      There's a written desciption of the bar here. Didn't want ot spam your page with super paragraphs.))

      "'Sure thing, it's empty since we're closed at this time." Atriena opened the door, motioning for him to follow with a gentle wave of her hand. The canine would hold it open for him politely once stepping inside. Her gaze shifted over the large room, taking note of what still needed to be finished to close down properly. Despite not being properly cleaned up yet, the bar and area in general was rather tidy.

    • Atriena watched as he roamed around, a bit or pride swelling in her chest. It'd taken quite a deal of tender care to get the joint where it was, let alone usable in the beginning. The building hadn't even been a food establishment of any sorts originally either. But it was old and the grey and stone brick had a charm.

      "Thankyou" She smiled padding into the hallway as he skimmed through the books. "Ah, I do. It's not much, but it's home."

    • (Whoops forgot to reset Atri as my active after curing Avalin xD)

    • Snow lightly crunched under paw as she stepped out fully into the alleyway. The chill of the ground seeped into her bare paws and she made a mental note to make sure to keep her boots on next time. Of course she hadn't planned on being out here long in the first place anyways. Turning to the drowsy looking mouse with a smile, she spoke up.
      "Alright then, we can just go through here." Picking up the abandoned trash and hefting it into the dumpster, she made her way towards a door. She was relieved it wasn't locked, but a little worried having the building unattended and unlocked for so long.. How long had she been in that void-like space anyways?
      Upon opening the door and stepping inside; they were greeted with the kitchen. It was decently sized, but not overly large. Metal counters shined and the stove and grill area looked pristine though well used. Stepping aside to let him in, she added. "Nothing too fancy back here, but my kitchen gets the job done."
      To the right was a small hallway with a seating area and a couch with royal blue cushions lining the wall. It looked like a break room of sorts. A set of stairs could be seen leading up; tucked away in the far corner and partially hidden by a book shelf. To the right was another door which led out to the actual front of Chill Out. Before moving forward she waited to see if he wanted to look around a little, waving a arm to give hum permission to move about as he pleased.

    • Nyoom casted a weary glance as the tv followed. The fact it may be sentient unnerved her, but it didn't seem to have any malicious intent. She followed the mouse without hesitation, however, as he was her only real company for the time being. "I don't know where that is...or where this is...or where anything is..." her speech was a bit garbled as the reality of the situation set in. She didn't know where anything was! What about her clan? They needed her for guidance... What were their names? Oh gods, what were their names...

      The cockatiel began shaking, and even lifted a wing a bit and stuck her beak underneath to compulsively preen. Out of nervousness, she was sloppy with her delicate downy feathers which she plucked out. The tufts of white feathers began to create a trail behind the pair. "I need to get back. I need to get back now!" she insisted, not even knowing where she was actually supposed to be going.

    • She walked next to him at a even pace, a bit of amicable silence lingering after she had spoken. She glanced over her shoulder to peer at the television a moment as it wheeled along in silence. How was he certain where they were heading? There were no markers or anything to give off some sort of direction. The walk hadn't seemed long at all and she stared at the curtain a moment, admiring the odd fabric before it was pulled back to reveal the door.

      Eyes squinted to the sudden change and it took a moment for her to adjust. There was the alleyway next to her establishment. The familiar brick walls a welcome sight and her forgotten bag of trash was left in front of the dumpster. Even without exiting she could feel the chill in the wind, a light snowfall had begun. She took a step forward,and looked at Livyatan with a smile.

      "It's a bit cold, but TIgerEye Peak has been good to me." She paused, her tail giving a soft sway. She wasn't sure if the mouse would be continuing on or staying within the room. As eager as she was to return home,she felt bad at the idea of simply leaving him alone. "If you like, I could make you something to eat? Least I could do as a thank you for helping me get back."

    • The cockatiel grew a bit more comfortable with the peculiar mouse. He seemed friendly enough at least. The parrot tried to think of where she came from, still disoriented. "I came from...from..." she paused, her crest fluctuating up and down as she tried to recall. "Erm...Kestrel Castle, is it called? That sounds familiar I think..."

    • Nyoom jumped as the mouse spoke, her crest standing straight up. "Watching what, exactly? Personally, I feel this show is far better," she chittered, giving an approving nod to the art show now displayed. She mouse asked if she was lost which prompted her to look around. Her feathers puffed out a bit now that the harsh tone and visual distortion had fizzled away. "Lost...yes, I don't quite know where I am or how I got here. My sincerest apologies if I am not welcome."

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