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Villager: Gizmo



Villager Info

ID: #82368

Name: Gizmo

Gender: Female

Location: Quetzal Palace

Born 4 years, 9 months ago

Career: Herbalist

Owner: SadScales

Species: Wickerbeast

Color: Night Spotted


House: Quetzal Palace House (1/120)

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As a very odd Wickerbeast, Gizmo is very easy to meet and is a bit resentful of her 'scary' look, considering how nice she actually is. When she's not out in the woods outside Quetzal Palace hunting, she likes hanging out with Daffodil while it works. She always has a pack of peanut butter crackers on her, and she loves napping in patches of sunlight.

She lives in the swampy land beneath the floating city of Quetzal Palace with her three birds, Angelo, Robbie, and Sunny. She really enjoys swimming and visiting Quetzal Palace where the rest of her friends live.

Comments 13

    • *he smiled nervously and nodded* I've never had an actual pet pet, not like, one that isn't an inanimate object made living or a roomba or something, I think I like Robbie the best already I mean, can he whistle Defying Gravity?

    • Almonds are delicious, they have good taste. Okay, Okay, *he wrung his hands together* I think I can do that, I can feed them some almonds. *He tilts his head curiously* Can they talk?

    • *he shakes his head quickly* No it's just, they're often so small and I don't want to hurt them, I'm afraid I'll hurt them is all, but I'd like to meet them and hear about them. I'm not good at taking care of things that are alive so much, I'm better with mechanical things, I can't even really keep plants alive.

    • *He seems excited but also nervous to be meeting the small ones, and fidgets his gloved paw-hands together* I'll stay away from the nippy one, I get enough from gears. Robbie sounds like he's anxious like me, although I don't have any feathers to pluck out.

    • I'd love to meet your birds! That's good of you to take care of them like that, I think I heard some nasty business in the news recently about a lot of birds being confiscated and that's the first I ever heard they needed calcium like that, but it makes sense, the poor things.

    • *looks like he would love to have his hand held by a bird and cuddled because that sounds adorable* Firsthand knowledge is just as good as academic study anyway, practical experience is always valid.

      Do you mean like in a menagerie? Breeding little birds and such?

    • I've heard the African Grey Parrot is one of the most intelligent birds in the world but I quite like crows myself. Have you ever done a formal study or are you just a hobbyist? You seem very knowledgeable about them!

    • *as she did not begin to derive humor from his enthusiasm or pick on him he warmed to her instantly* Oh you like birds? The flight mechanics of birds are fascinating from an aerodynamic standpoint, what kind of birds do you like best?

    • *seriously doubts the sincerity of her questions but he's on a roll so whatever* No I'm not the best at memes, I just ordered a double espresso on their card and we discussed engineering puns for half an hour... I think it might have been a date but they never called back when I said their rocket stabilizers were imbalanced.

      Other than that they were pretty nice yeah.

      (I have done the reply on the wrong villager aprox. seventy time it's okay)

    • "There are thousands of species out there the math proves it and what's more the government is hiding their exsistence from us, we've been in contact with higher extraterrestrial life forms for decades now! They're watching us! They're out there!" -Rodney before Meredyyd takes the coffee pot out of his hands

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