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Villager: Orinoco


Villager Info

ID: #91591

Name: Orinoco

Gender: Male

Location: Tigereye Peak

Born 5 years, 6 months ago

Career: Explorer

Owner: ElderOrca

Feast Points: 0 (12854 All-Time)

Species: Gembound

Color: Aquamarine


House: Oceandome House (1/250)

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Approved: 16 Mar 2017, 12:27 am

Likes: 188 ♥

Tags: gembound gems gem water gemstone ocean aqua crystals crystal magicalderp aquamarine

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paintie commission made for me by the amazing magicalderp

An aquamarine gembound ... with raw aquamarine growing from his body and gem dust glistening in his fur. The gems are always growing and changing and will occasionally drop off, leaving a trail of gemstones and gem dust behind him, but they are painless and he barely even notices. Makes playing hide and seek a bit tricky though !! He is an incredible swimmer and can remain underwater for long periods of time, But his fave place to be is on the beach with the warm sand between his toes and the sun on his fur :)

Orinoco never stays in one place for long , He loves to travel and explore. He has traveled vast oceans, explored many coral reefs and visited beaches across the world, collecting treasures, gems, pearls and anything else he finds beautiful that he can turn into jewelry for his friends back home in the Oceandome, He even uses the raw aquamarine that grows and falls from his body to make gems and jewelry. Between adventures, He always returns home to his beach house by the Oceandome to drop off his newest treasures and to share his stories with friends . On Beautiful sunset evenings, he will sit on the beach, by the water's edge and make jewelry. Often his dear friend ElderOrca will come and sit beside him and watch him work, They talk for hours about everything and nothing. He treasures these special moments the most <3


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