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Villager: Starsha



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ID: #93990

Name: Starsha

Gender: Female

Location: Oceandome

Born 5 years, 10 months ago

Career: Explorer

Owner: Tiggyloo

Species: Cat

Color: Maine Coon


House: FurCoin House

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Approved: 11 Jul 2016, 11:43 am

Likes: 26 ♥

Tags: winged cat wings blue stars yellow fluffy glow fursona star sona starsha fluffy cat cats tiggyloo

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This is Starsha, my fursona! She's a Fairy Angora and hasn't changed much over the ten or so years I've had her. Her yellow markings glow in the dark and in the winter her blue fur changes to white to blend in with the snow! She doesn't go anywhere without her green gem necklace.

Paintie by me! Thank you for the nice comments ^__^
I take commissions! And don't forget to check out my other painties~

Comments 15

    • Hehehe yup!... Although Lunar's hair/fur tends ta shift adversely as much as the rest of his abilities... he is most usually depicted with the dark blue fur an high-yellow hair an tail... a 30yo fursona too btw... so yeah it always delighted me ta see new characters with similar colors used in various ways,,, So ya can see how much I love how ya've utilized yers :)

    • Thank you so much!!

      I love the shape of the facial markings on Starsha <3 They're so cute! It's like a star mask
      I love the shape of the markings in general, really~ I also like the notion of glow-in-the-dark star markings. It makes me think some of those little glow-in-the-dark stars people put on their walls and ceilings (I always wanted those when I was younger).

    • Fish out of water!

      (thanks for the love on marco c:)

    • Thank you very much! C': Your design is astonishing as well! I love the little glowing gem!

    • Thank you! You're quite bold and adorable yourself!

    • Oh goodness thank you! I love your patterning and color pattern. <3 Reminds me of a starry sky.

    • thank you kindly! ; w ; <3

    • really cool :o

    • Indeed he is! I'm the owner of him! c: (purpal )

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