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Dragonsmaw Manor Festival Part 2

Posted by Staff on 27 Oct 2017, 5:34 pm


Hi all, looks like we've gotten things all sorted out and we're ready to bring you part 2 of this spooky event!

Pumpkin Growing

The Pumpkin growing portion of the event is ready to go, your Herbalists (the ones on your account, not everyone's Herbalists site wide) will be working together to grow the biggest pumpkin that they can! On each Herbalist's work page you will see the special slot at the top that holds your most special pumpkin, you simply have to keep using Fertilizer to keep growing your very special, one of a kind Pumpkin child.

*Details on trophies and prizes for the Pumpkin Growing will be announced soon so be on the look out for a News Flash post regarding that in the near future*

New Recipes & Items

There are 2 new recipes now stocking in the Candy Shop, The Hallowed Potion Recipe and the Pumpkin Treats Recipe, check out the details below on the new items that they make!


First up we have the Hallowed Potion, this potion can be used at your Animal Handler's stables to upgrade the rarity of a Mini-Pet. Each potion will upgrade by one step, Common will upgrade to Uncommon or Rare will upgrade to Super Rare. To upgrade a Mini-Pet from Common all the way The up to Super Rare you will need 3 potions total for that Mini-Pet. The crafting price on this recipe is 500 FD, I am told that that price will be going up after the event ends, 500 FD is a special discounted Event exclusive price.



Secondly we have the Pumpkin Treats, these treats can be fed to an undomesticated Mini-Pet to instantly bring them up to full domestication! So have fun baking these up for your Mini-Pets.

Pumpkin Treats DO NOT work yet but you can begin making them for use when the coding bugs have been worked out.


Thanks for sticking with me and as always, please to report any bugs if you run into them!

*Exact end dates for the Event and closure of the Candy Shop will be posted with the Pumpkin Growing trophy and prize details*


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    • Uh, won't these two items together make AH completely useless? No need to domesticate, so that part is out. No need to breed for rares, just forcefeed to the top so the other half of AH is taken care of.

    • Well I guess that explains the potion. Still hate it and don't think it's worth it. :/

    • Does the potion work on past FDE minipets?

    • just think how many super rare feathered serpents there will be now............

    • Ooh nice update! Just one thing: isn't 500FD a little much for the potion, let alone its later price? It just seems like it'll only be accessible to the elite / rich players only, which ruins it for newer players and others who can't afford it. I like the idea, it just seems a bit much. ^^

    • Does the Pumpkin Treat raise the pet to domestication AND give you mastery? Or nah...?


      I wanted a Braided Dumbo Octopus for my birthday and I didn't think I'd ever get one BUT NOW I CAN~~ 83

    • Why 500 FD? This seems very unfair to some of us that cannot get FD easily

    • I just saw pumpkin weight in herbalist career, and nowI see the post. great timing!

      All of this sound fun :3
      I was really hyped about this part too x3

    • Yay so awesome!!!!

      Will the pumpkins that had massive weight that were harvested before the even be disqualified?