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Furvilla at Further Confusion!

Posted by Owner-Aspen on 14 Jan 2019, 7:15 am


Furvilla will have a small presence at Further Confusion in San Jose, California, January 18th thru 20th!

We will have a limited selection of prints, keychains, and plush for sale as well as a free button and shopping bag for you - while supplies last. Please visit booth 5 in Dealer Room West, run by artist Mary Mouse.

You may also stop by the booth to pick up a code for this snazzy convention trophy for your profile!


We are currently making arrangements to have our small setup at other furry conventions throughout 2019, and will announce details as we finalize them.

We are also aware that not everyone can attend conventions. Plans to sell online are still on the horizon, as we are focusing on the site itself. When the time comes to have merch available again, we will announce it loudly! Thank you for your understanding.

- Aspen -

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    • Ah darn, that’s a shame. Maybe I’ll get to go to Megaplex, but it’s unlikely. Hope to see you guys again sometime, and thanks for telling me! I had a blast at the 2017 convention.

    • I'm wondering if there's any cons around Des Moines, IA or Omaha, NE? I always never seem to know when there's cons until it's too late.

    • homie We do plan on having a presence at Anthrocon again this year. We have physical trophy code cards printed out, so there will be no need for a follow up after the convention.

      RedlaSunShowers029 Unfortunately, FWA is not on our list for this year. The closest event we have planned to Atlanta would be Megaplex in Orlando.

      UndertakerOfLife I certainly hope that Furvilla will grow to the point where we can afford to attend many small conventions. We are focusing all financial investment into the site itself for now, and we are also now based in the western US. Baby steps!

    • Before ownership changed I attended AnthroCon and visited the Furvilla booth, they didn't have codes but had me give them the email linked with my account to receive my convention trophy later, yet I never received one. Is there any way I can still get the trophy?

    • Since I probably won't go I hope someone can get an extra code for me (sorry if I sound stingy)

    • . I'm on the opposite end of the United States-
      Literally 90 minutes from the Atlantic Ocean.

      You should go to some smaller conventions. Like even ones that aren't furry conventions. But like small town Conventions. Like on the East Coast

    • Can't make it this year but hopefully you can come back next year.

    • Ooh! Will you guys be at FWA again too? I hope so!

    • Would love to see you guys at PineFurCon some day! <3 Until then, hope you have a good time! ^^