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Username: Owner-Quinn
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Last Online: 11 Jul 2024, 7:03 pm
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My name is Hiker Quinn, but you can just call me Quinn.

I’m a squirrel!

I’m also the resident coder.

You may have seen my lovely partner Owner-Aspen too. She talks more than me.


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    • Ummm I had 2 common vampbirds and 2 uncommon brown wabbits and i donated then but then it says that I only get common hawthorn leaves is it supposed to happen?

    • Oh I love the reference with the black and white picture! It’s such a cool idea, and I had no idea anyone else knew the story nowadays

    • Heyas an Happy Howlidays Quinn :)

      Love the gold dust buff which prompted this inquiry... is it 'stackable' as in say, if someone used one during an event where warriors are already getting a 2x XP, would the gold dust give them a 4x XP boost? ...and if so I'm sure if ya did make it stackable that way ya'd already have it 'set' that no more than 1 xp buff can be used during any 2xp boost is already in place IE: since the gold dust has a 24hr duration if a 4x boost is possible it'd only last for the 24hr duration... was jus' curious cause if this is possible m'gonna need more coffee LOL ;)

    • I have a question on when will we get the gifts from the 4th avaversy question thingies!!!


    • thank for this web site :)

    • hewo!

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