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User ID: #199057
Username: Peanut_
Gender: Non-Binary
Last Online: 11 Apr 2022, 8:22 pm
Registered: 12 Nov 2020, 9:13 pm

Profile description

Hello and welcome to my page! I'm a 14 year old Female, I go by any pronouns and i've been on here for a while, so if you need help, just DM me and I might be able to help!

Warning: I can be a little aggressive with my rants in the forums (not at people, just about my life)

I have some irl friends on here like:
Itsa_me_Trashy (brother man dude guy person)
DekuxTodoroki (he's a nerd don't blame him)
Maybe go check them out!
Here are some of my closest friends:
DekuxTodoroki (Friend irl, really nice-sometimes-and a huge nerd!)
dubstep_the_ampwave (really nice, has helped me a lot, if you need help you can go to them!)
MillyCreation (also really nice and has helped me a lot, and if you need some help, you can go to them too!)

Another Warning: I have very bad insomnia, so i might be on at odd times at night and then not get on until 2pm the next day, so uh... Watch Out!

**any art i have is probably not by me, my best drawing was a stick man in first grade XD**

And that's all i have for you, thank you for coming to my profile, and i hope you have a wonderful day/night/morning/afternoon/idk what i'm doing here still.

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    • sorry bout that, i got busy irl

    • thank you for letting me know! it should be fixed now ^-^'

    • My bad! ^^ must've missed it somehow, but ty regardless! <3

    • Thank you for wishing me Happy Birthday ^^

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