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Username: MillyCreation
Gender: Female
Last Online: 5 Oct 2022, 4:13 pm
Registered: 5 Jul 2020, 11:24 pm

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Female ° Minor ° She/Her & They/Them ° Birth: Dec 31 ° My main Sona Milly °
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(Clickyclicky, they lead back to a cool old thread)

"Oh! Hello dear! Welcome to my page! I do hope you enjoy your stay. *mumbles* Oh dear where did Time run off to this time?- Where could she be? Oh dear not again... Don't get yourself in trouble young lady you better not... *Sighs* OH! Your uh- still here- do you uh- need anything hun?-"

Time is priceless~
'You spotted an interesting little Pumpkitty, it looks different, not like it's common counterpart. Is it a Super Rare? *you thought to yourself* You try to attempt to catch it but before you could get your claws on this adorable creature it has vanished(?) into thin air, a little adorable meow can be heard soon after the attempt. An adorable cute yet frightened meow...
You wondered How could a Pumpkitty of this rarity make it to Olde Foxbury?- They're usually native to Dragon's Maw Manor-
A little while later....

You noticed somefurry near by looking around the area, What was she doing? you wonder...
Then you saw it, it was the Pumpkitty from earlier! It- it just reappear before your eyes like it was nothing- Holy- What in the actual-?
"Oh... There you are Time, did you decide to trick strangers again?- *sigh* at least your safe and I didn't lose you!" The whitish furry said to the little Pumpkitty before her, faint purrs could be heard from the little one. It seems that this furry knows how to take care of her animals, there's so many around her it's quite interesting.
You don't know how, where, and when. But you do wonder if she knows what's going on with this Vine Pumpkitty of hers.
It takes you awhile to build up the courage to talk to her... I mean you literally try to take her's Pumpkitty not too long ago-

More Lore coming soon ;)
Sept 13, 2021 (important information for the lore needed it recorded~

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Literally anything that is fox/kitsune related! Just ask if I don't have something or check my gallery ^^

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    • Mmm two year anniversary on Furvilla for me! ^^


    • WAHH thank you for nabbing so many houses!! If you ever are in need of more I'll happily trade you for half the price for the equivalent slabs :3

    • No worries! ^^

    • Happy Birthday! I hope you have a great birthday!

    • the slabs are coming to finish you

    • thank you soo much for the gift

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