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User ID: #2969
Username: LanceDoggo
Rank: Helper
Gender: Male
Last Online: 25 Feb 2024, 1:26 pm
Registered: 1 Jul 2016, 12:49 pm

Profile description

An old dog of the 1988 vintage~

Bowtie icon by Bestest_Fox

Lance Pop by Rotsuoy

Gamer icon by Imoku

My "Imaginary Lance that doesn't exist" was more than generously donated to me by Wasteland_Wyvern

Warrior equipment spreadsheet
If it's missing anything or is incorrect anywhere, let me know and I can update it~! You can see a bit of a change log in this forum thread, or even let us know if something is incorrect! Shoutout to msjanny for helping me out with updating this!

I stream once in a while, and you can learn more about it here~!

And yes... This is one large village of "Lance".

And also yes, I'm an old dog that has been around the sun more than 30 times! Starting to get dizzy here.

Amazing book brought to you by Bestest_Fox


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    • I see, I didn't know that! Thank you for the help! ^^

    • Oh, awesome!! Do you know if it's a really rare drop, like the cat from the harbinger, or is it slightly easier to get?

    • Hi there! I was trying to work on my warrior build and was curious about the timber wolf, would you happen to know if it still drops anywhere or if it’s still obtainable? ^^

    • thank you so much, ill keep that in mind and ill have a look at the spreadsheet ^^

    • hi, i've a question; do you think it's worth it to equip a unicorn curio to a warrior? would it make the warrior significantly stronger or not much of a difference? I don't know much about this career so :v

    • thank you for the trade!!

    • Hi, sorry to bother you but do you know if the Cat Warriors battle venue is going to return? The Hiatus news in 2022 said they would. Thanks!

    • thank you so much!! ;u:

    • Alright, thank you so much! :D

    • Hi! I hope it's alright if I ask you a question, since it's kinda equipment related? I have a Legacy Dragon Tooth Shield with 58087 durability, is it enough to get the Durability Star trophy or not? If it needs to be more durable, then uh... How much more durable? I think it was originally 50 durability. I really should know how this works, but numbers confuse me haha

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