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User ID: #2969
Username: LanceDoggo
Rank: Helper
Gender: Male
Last Online: 26 Nov 2022, 12:03 am
Registered: 1 Jul 2016, 12:49 pm

Profile description

Bowtie icon by PastelShadows

Lance Pop by Rotsuoy

Gamer icon by Imoku

My "Imaginary Lance that doesn't exist" was more than generously donated to me by Wasteland_Wyvern

Warrior equipment spreadsheet
If it's missing anything or is incorrect anywhere, let me know and I can update it~! You can see a bit of a change log in this forum thread, or even let us know if something is incorrect! Shoutout to msjanny for helping me out with updating this!

I stream once in a while, and you can learn more about it here~!

And yes... This is one large village of "Lance".

And also yes, I'm an old dog that has been around the sun more than 30 times! Starting to get dizzy here.

Amazing book brought to you by PastelShadows


Villagers 61

Comments 431

    • Oh wow thank you so much I really appreciate it!! That’s so nice of you ❤️❤️

    • Hey, I just saw your comment on my profile! I'm looking to change my villager into an African Wild Dog, so I was under the impression I would need the magic plush to turn him into this, rather than using a Morphing Potion. Is there an easier way?

    • Okie dokie! I'll try to draw him dressed as glamrock freddy for one of the arts :3
      Does he like caramel apples? what kinda toppings?

    • What is lance for halloween this year? For a costume on his arts :3c

    • Alright, sounds like a plan! I will put you down for the slots. Be back soon with some art for ya! :3c

    • Oop did I misread your op, is this all intended for the pool? (I interpreted it like, you send a trade showing what you have for offer and I choose from that. Sorry for my confusion!)

    • Hiya Lance! Looking at the trade, in order of most to least wanted I have a preference for Chester's Hat, the Magic Plushies, Non-Duplicate Equips, FD.
      If you want I can fill you in for a regular slot too, since there's lots here!

      The only things I don't really need are the crystals, jack-o-lanterns, and duplicate equips. Whatever you send for the actual payment is up to you! I don't mind what as long as it adds up to the 2kFD(Regular slot if you want it) + 500FD(YCH) :3 Thank you very much!

    • I insist! :D

    • Haha! I will also say that Lance is a very cute doggo, even Yukimore would want to be friends with them :0
      (shes a warrior too.. hehe)

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