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Username: Wasteland_Wyvern
Gender: Female
Last Online: 31 Aug 2022, 11:39 pm
Registered: 3 Jul 2016, 7:38 pm

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Dues to severe health issues I have officially left this website, but I wanted to leave a little thank you to all the people who made it so fun to be here.
Thank you all for the good times and fun chats! <3


And many many more! I wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors and like my favorite sci-fi show actor used to so famously say:

Live long and prosper! - Spock (Leonard Nemoy)

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    • Oh my...
      I hope you get well soon

    • !!!!!
      oh my, thank you so much! <3

    • oh man, I hope they replace it for you asap. and don't worry about it! I've been online a tad less as well x)

    • Hello! Are you still trying to make the ascended scalemail? :) I've been picking up a bunch of lumps, so I can send the ones I've picked up if you're still looking into making one. ^o^

    • Boomer is not very bright haha... oh well, we still love em regardless of the shenanigans. xD

      ah I see, cars manufactured wayyy back in the day do seem to tend to be a lot more reliable, less stuff falling apart/breaking down and whatnot. Compared to some cars these days, though to be fair, it could probably just be that some card brands just don't really make reliable long lasting rides since their target market are basically people with cash to burn and will change cars every 2+ years or so? o3o; I know some well off people who're constantly changing cars lol.

      wait, just 277? but weren't you doing a ton of battles? was that warrior registered? 277 points has got to be a mistake, I actually had only about 5k points myself, but that's because only one warrior counted, I didn't use elixirs but I def put in 5x that amount of battles hehe...

      haha I think he's basically just selling a novelty joke item, which works well, since it'll encourage collectors to throw money at it for fun while at the same time, it's not something too ridiculously OP that's game breaking for the highest bidder, I do wonder if it might secretly have some of those superior crystals secretly slotted in since it does have 2 sockets. xP

    • Eeee... I'd spray them all or zap them next time. I hate mosquitoes, though generally I'm not really a target to mosquitoes fortunately for me, they tend to bite others around me heh. :P Poor everybody! silly ol Boomer. xD I hope he learned his lesson.

      The Beast? is it a huge 4wd or something? :o I personally have a smaller car just cause I like smaller cars, I believe they're easier to park as well haha...

      and... I got 15000 VP because I was an idiot and made my warrior join the tourney when it was bugged lol. that's... a lot more points than I had lol, since I didn't even battle using elixirs, the hundred charges right off I have to deal with one at a time since I have 5 warriors already have me fully occupied and I battle using 2 devices if they're available to me (my phone always and the computer if I has access to one. xD)

    • oh my gosh, that many mosquitoes?! :o did Boomer learn his lesson though? xD if he were fluffy enough probably only you and your husband probably got the brunt of it. :o

      ah, the developers should've planned and built these infrastructures in advance... :( it sounds kinda absurd but kinda amusing at the same time to be taking the trash out by boat though lol. are the cars safe though? are they parked at higher ground? :o

    • oh man... it's been raining non stop where I am too! >.> especially at around 4-ish which is peak hour for people heading home, like pls I just wanna get home. D: By the time I leave work the highways are all clogged up with cars. uvu;
      yikes on your driveway turning into a lake though, hopefully the weather and all the water would clear up tomorrow so you can head out then instead? :o
      It's such a nightmare to walk the doggo when there are bodies of water everywhere, he wants to walk into every one of them to play! but god forbid when it's bath time.. xD why tho?

    • Yay!! <3 I needed a rare female!! I just bred my lot, I didn't get a SR today. :( but I did breed a SR owlikit last round and I remember someone was trading one of their spare Dragonflies for an Owlikit/Nudeer so lemme see if I can find them and trade with them first, I'd feel bad just taking stuff away from you. Thank you very very much! :D

      and so sorry for the delay, the manager was in and I could only sneak on, didn't really have access to a proper computer to clear up my inventory, omg all the broken weapons. >.> At least they can be easily moved to the storage, it takes a while to clear up all these hammers I'm too cheap to just discard hahaha... but now there's a surplus of crystallized tooth and rusted steel and not enough silver wrist hooks... xD

    • that is odd... it would make sense to have higher drop rates on those since they're effectively gacha boxes with probably stupid odds lol 9 out of 10 will probably be the stupid common ones so... eh. =/

      they make me feel so strong, since the other golem fields can be hit or miss, the earth on in the middle battleground drives me absolutely bonkers with constantly blocking and disarming me too. like eurghhh!! staph!! just die!! while the lightning on sometimes can OHKO my villagers. xD the toughest grounds are mostly miss for me though whoops! if they consistently generate non dark/lightning golems then I'd be able to win more reliably!

      nice!! the odds on these mini pets are def a lot better than with last year, i went through so many elixirs and soooo much time and just luckily enough got everything I need, supplemented by the event store too of course. xD

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