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User ID: #10650
Username: HSoup
Gender: Female
Last Online: 16 May 2022, 6:30 am
Registered: 1 Jul 2016, 5:38 pm

Profile description

I'm trying to collect as many mini pets as I can. Let me know if you want to trade or sell me any I don't have in my menagerie.

WISHLIST - I can swap any of my duplicates for missing outcomes
Any Mini-pet not in my menagerie.
Any Keepsake, Outfit or Equipment not in my cabinets
Any Plushie, Button or Stamp listed below
My most wanted items;
5832-weapon-crystal-the-crystal-pickle.p 5261-goldfish-in-a-bowl.png 6303-the-oracles-lunchbox.png 5672-super-sky-rock.png 1898-shadow-slime.png
Crystal Pickle, Goldfish in a Bowl, Oracle Lunchbox, Super Sky Rock, Shadow Slime

573-breeding-potion.png 1806-2017-retired-box.png 2974-2018-retired-box.png 4336-2019-retired-box.png4724-suspicious-ear-headband-diy.png
Breeding Potions, 2017, 2018, 2019 Retired FDE pet boxes (from Cottage Shoppe), Suspicious Ear Headband DIY (or a villager that knows it)

Most Wanted Pets
1685-super-rare-feathered-serpent.png2916-leaf-cutter-batpaca.png2867-nacho-cheese-dunk.png 3923-blazing-ember-sea-tortle.png3924-ancient-sea-tortle.png
SR feathered serrpent, leaf cutter batpaca, nacho cheese dunk, blazing ember & ancient sea tortle
4451-jewel-scarab.png 3565-black-labrador.png 3563-miren-dobhar-chu.png 3414-masked-sonarphin.png 4332-darling-messenger-lovebirds.png
Jewel scarab, black labrador, miren dobhar-chu, masked sonarphin, darling messenger lovebirds
4218-lovely-lilac-budgie.png 4857-wild-rodendrake.png 3242-white-suchilla.png 4555-pinnated-boomer.png 3286-sunrise-dragonfly.png
Lovely lilac budgie, wild rodendrake, white suchilla, Pinnated Boomer, Sunrise Dragonfly

Missing Buttons and Stamps
4910-gladiolus-button.png 4423-sun-masq-button.png 5354-chief-clawtooth-stamp.png 5352-mayor-ana-stamp.png 5359-mayor-polaria-stamp.png
5366-fluffy-cat-face-stamp.png 5353-mayor-chester-stamp.png 5372-holiday-five-stamp.png 5356-mayor-minstrel-stamp.png 5357-mayor-octavia-stamp.png

Missing Plushies - Can be either version
2220-noble-bear-plush.png 3135-gala-queen-snuffle-plush.png
Noble Bear, Gala Queen Snuffle
Plus any gembound plushie missing from my toybox

Hello! - Wondering where I am? Want to say Hi? Come leave me a message on FR.
HSoup on Flight Rising - My Lair
HSoup on ChickenSmoothie - My Profile page

Villagers 30

Comments 331

    • Sorry for the random comment, but I'm glad I stumbled across your profile because I was just starting to wonder if costumes could go on stickered villagers, and then I found my answer! so, thank you lol.
      Do you add the costumes before the stickers or after?

    • A huge thank you to whoever sent me the Party button! You made my day!

    • Aw, thank you! I like putting the animals in the forest!

    • I am now staying put online for the next few hours. Sorry for the delay

    • thank you :)

    • Do you still need a star stud for today?

    • A huge thank you to whoever put the kitsune armor in the GT!

    • It's alright! Furvilla can't handle the Ö letter, so pinging me using 'Modularity' will notify me of your post.

    • Yeah, getting to 377 took me something like 4 hours to do :P

    • Thank you :D My goal is to some day fill the tree to 1000 pages, though I'll probably need help for that.

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