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User ID: #10650
Username: HSoup
Gender: Female
Registered: 1 Jul 2016, 5:38 pm

Profile description

My main focus on FV is collecting mini pets.
Let me know if you want to trade or sell me any I don't have in my menagerie.

WISHLIST - Ask me about swapping duplicates of anything
Any Mini-pet not in my menagerie - See Caribbean for list of all pets I am missing
Any Keepsake, Outfit or Equipment not in my cabinets

My most wanted items;
5260-goldfish-in-a-bag.png 5261-goldfish-in-a-bowl.png 6760-lottery-lunchbox.png 573-breeding-potion.png4267-goat-morphing-potion.png2273-bovine-morphing-potion.png
Goldfish in a bag or bowl, Lottery Lunchbox, Breeding Potions, Goat, Bovine Morphing Potions
1894-chocolate-candycorn.png 1881-anodized-aluminum-lump.png 115-sky-rock.png 1877-cherry-lumber.png 207-fur-tufts.png79-mermaid-tail-scales.png
Choco CC, Anodized Aluminum Lump, Sky Rock, Cherry Lumber, Fur Tuft, Mermiad Tail scales

Most Wanted Pets - See Caribbean for list of all pets I am missing
5108-rose-beak-pirglet.png 4060-holly-wreathdeer.png 4764-digger-bumblebear.png 4933-seascape-harpy-eagle.png 5112-forest-decay-phasmid.png
Rose Beak Pirglet, Holly Wreathdeer, Digger Bumblebear, Seascape Harpy Eagle, Forest Decay Phasmid

Missing Stamps
5372-holiday-five-stamp.png 7392-foxix-stamp.png 7391-ixkin-dawnseeker-stamp.png
Holiday Five, Foxix, Ix'kin Dawnseeker

Missing Plushies - Can be either version
Noble Bear,
Plus any gembound plushie missing from my toybox

Most Wanted Keepsakes
7732-comical-crane.png 7733-funky-crane.png 4670-spooky-scary-mousey-doll.png 6913-a-canine-of-legend.png 6911-a-mustelid-of-legend.png
Comical Crane, Funky Crane, Spooky Scary Mousey Doll, A Canine of Legend, A Mustelid of Legend

Most Wanted Outfits
7330-cheerful-beach-shorts.png 7042-deep-sea-dreamer-tattoo.png 1686-gala-dress.png 1687-gala-suit.png
Cheerful Beach Shorts, Deep Sea Dreamer Tattoo, Gala Dress, Gala Suit

6294-warriors-sweater.png 5870-faux-black-wolf-tail.png 5868-faux-fox-tail.png
Warrior's Sweater, Faux, Black Wolf Tail, Faux Fox

Hello! - Wondering where I am? Want to say Hi? Come leave me a message on FR.
HSoup on Flight Rising - My Lair
HSoup on ChickenSmoothie - My Profile page

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    • Interesting!! We‘ll gave to see what happens on the first. =)
      I’m so glad I could help, even if it was accidentally, lol. XD

    • Thank you for the stuff, I really appreciate it!

    • Ohhh I see, that's helpful! I'll switch between the two :)

    • Oh alright, in that case I might set something up to trade. I don't have a serpent's cake recipe yet, but thank you so much for the transfer! Is there anything I can do in return, like art or something? You've been truly helpful this entire time! ^^

    • Hiya!! Just a follow up question from the feast conversation - I've been making the serpent's spirit and I ended up running out of underwater watermelons. The FC price is a bit pricey to just keep buying them, do you have any advice on how to get them in other ways? ^^

    • Thanks for the potions!
      Hope you have great luck with pets this month! =)

    • np, just take care of Sonata, she's my favorite.

    • You're so kind for sending me a gift for the event. :O

    • thank u for the trade and for all ur help!!!! really appreciate u! <3

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