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User ID: #10650
Username: HSoup
Gender: Female
Registered: 1 Jul 2016, 5:38 pm

Profile description

Hello! - You can also find me on FR and CS.
HSoup on Flight Rising - My Lair
HSoup on ChickenSmoothie - My Profile page

• My herbalist has mastered black roses. I can grow yours for you if you provide the fancy plant drink.
• My Alchemist can craft all the curios. I can craft one for you if you provide all the materials.
• If I have multiples of an item, I might be willing to trade if I do not have plans for it. Just ask.
• I have all the breedable pets and can help you get some breeding stock started.


[X] Earn Diamond Donation Trophy - Feb 29, 2024
[X] Complete Menagerie - Apr 28, 2024
[17/17] All Warriors level 20 - Apr 30, 2024
[15/15] Have all AH-er's at 100% Mastery of pets - Jun 5, 2024

[37/45] All Villagers Working
[6/9] Missing Lists Completed
[ ] All schemas learned
[ ] All schemas crafted
[ ] Quest level 8 *
[ ] Doctor Achievements - 5000 *
[ ] Better equipment on warriors
[ ] Up Potency on all good equipment
[ ] Add Crystals to equipment

Looking For
click pics for item museum info
Let me know if you want to trade - I have lots to offer

Missing Collection Items
4670-spooky-scary-mousey-doll.png 6294-warriors-sweater.png5372-holiday-five-stamp.png
• Click Here for a Full List of Equipment I am Missing
• Full List of Keepsakes I am missing
• Full List of Outfits I am missing - WIP
• Full List of Missing Stickers - WIP

Crafting Materials Wanted
1895-rusted-steel.png 1881-anodized-aluminum-lump.png1911-light-mythic-tablet.png1908-dark-mythic-tablet.png1869-molten-waste.png1873-shiny-red-oxygen-tank.png

Potions Wanted

Items For Villagers

Villagers 50

Comments 464

    • If you still wish to be pelted with rocks; I wouldn't mind some more food xD

      Otherwise let me know what you're looking for, as I haven't really started kicking food production into gear yet, and obviously I don't want to miss the 5k mark for the end of the month... It'd feel like a waste at that point xD

    • i'm just happy to help whenever i can!! and thank you so much!! more bunnies for my hoard >:3

    • aww, thank you so much!!! i appreciate it a ton. ^^

    • thank you for the seed packets! ^^

    • I just tried and it's working okay for me

    • thank you for the gift <3

    • Hello! I saw you were looking for light mythic tablets? I have one and I'm what to do with it, and am willing to sell it to you! I believe I also have a chicken morphing potion that ill also sell to you :)

    • Ahhh thank you soooo much! I’ll definitely let you know if I ever get my hands on an undomesticated one! I’ll just send it to you right away! No need to trade or anything.

    • I believe my whale is domesticated actually, so I’m not sure if you still want her or not. But for my chicken potion I mainly just need fc. But if you can’t do that then I’m ok with trading for rabbit items. I’m not sure if a chicken potion is worth it but if you have any magic rabbit plush’s or stickers that would work! Doesn’t matter what kind

    • I also have a female Beluga Whale if you would like her

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