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Username: Suede
Gender: Female
Registered: 17 Apr 2021, 11:01 am

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Such a Darling place to steal away and play.

Here to battle. <3
Because of being sick in real life.
Somehow it makes GG (Great Granny) feel a tiny bit better to kick the shit out of monsters and takes my mind off of some of the pain.

Find and bookmark all tips/tricks n read everything.

Oct. worked for the gold feast, Worker Slot Coupon -lost when used. October 2021 Feast's with Grayson, (it just went Poof!)...

Started battling. - enter all battle events/tourney's.

Dec -Get better equipment for lvl 20 battlers - availability problem - have to /buy/sell/trade/and make.
-Snow festival,- working for the gold feast again./ 1 days left not gonna make it. made it, yeah!
. -upgrade equipment for Ms -130% 4 all/ done Dec. 28th.
- ran out of inventory space. /used all the fairies - relocated a bunch of items.
finally found where the weapons are coming from, yeah! snow festival star fairy... got some new weapons to play with.
very little income this month due to battling in the northern rim (snow festival)
Wonders off to defend the realms.
Battle more!

Jan.- work on all space upgrades/badly needed. /DONE . gotta love the ice fairie's.
STALL = every week.

Start other career's. /crafter/construction/Alchemist/Animal husbandry DONE, don't like them...battle more.... lol
Don't like animal husbandry., and the white flash from explore causes headaches. Noooo!
Nana mumble's and grumbles, stupid non-stacking items.

Lvl 20+ equipment. NOT gonna happen, too expensive.
MAKE SOME, 3/9/23 all the new equipment.. WOW
!... Love it.
-Weapons still needed-
==.Ralph/ lvl 0 Adorable, have to have. 750k. NOPE.
--Crystalline prism kitsune
--Crystalline Prism Boots
--Lightning horseshoe - make
--Icy Horseshoe
--Enchanted horseshoe- make
--Spear of Mighty thunder

Costume's I like = Feast-done / Graffiti=HAVE / Angelic-HAVE /Blessed Lion-made / Mithic-have/ Fluffy - make/ Beast - make / Galaxy=HAVE / Fairy - make / aquatic- have
Black Jade Gembound Stone/villager-Done

May/22 changing/upgrading Ms.'s Armour again.
Traveler's Amulet/made-5/14/22- Hrmnnn.

5000 food points, use more than 1 cook, farm/festivals with lots of food drops , non-expiring food open candy pails from Halloween, food faeries (Snow Festival Feast Fairy). lunchboxes) equip cook with tons of buffs that speed up cooking time. also having serpent festival recipes (serpent cake recipe, serpanana split recipe) will net you 1 - 3 food items per cooking. spirit lion, and Deadly Rogues battlegrounds if you have warriors for food drops.
serpents pot sometimes gives food for plants.

Fair exchange Gilded treasure chest= #1. 10 item upgrade tickets = #2. 20 warrior's elixir.
Stupid expensive JUNK.

**NEW YEAR'S GOAL** goal 2023 - after Elsbeth Blackwing's Broach., go go go...lol (Elsbeth Blackwing's button, DONE) (Elsbeth Blackwing's stamp, DONE) (broach stamp, DONE ). ( Elsbeth Blackwing's broach, DONE 11;01AM 5/16/23)

New Goals Hrmnnn, what to do ?
Gardening, Mmnnn. Yes!

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