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User ID: #10650
Username: HSoup
Gender: Female
Registered: 1 Jul 2016, 5:38 pm

Profile description

I'm trying to collect as many mini pets as I can. Let me know if you want to trade or sell me any I don't have in my menagerie.

WISHLIST - I can swap any of my duplicates for missing outcomes
Any Mini-pet not in my menagerie.
Any plush I don't have one of (magic or not magic)
Any stamp not in my stamp book
Any Flower or food Button not in my button book
Any Keepsake not in my cabinet
My most wanted:
573-breeding-potion.png 3007-pisces-zodiac-plushie.png 3691-libra-zodiac-plushie.png 3752-scorpio-zodiac-plushie.png
1806-2017-retired-box.png 2974-2018-retired-box.png 4336-2019-retired-box.png 3177-mystery-kitsune-bag.png
2017, 2018, 2019 Retired FDE pet boxes, Mystery Kitsune Bags
Magic Maiden Plush
(Or a Maiden Canine villager)

Most Wanted Pets
1685-super-rare-feathered-serpent.png2916-leaf-cutter-batpaca.png2867-nacho-cheese-dunk.png 3923-blazing-ember-sea-tortle.png3924-ancient-sea-tortle.png
3562-loch-dobhar-chu.png 3563-miren-dobhar-chu.png 3414-masked-sonarphin.png 3415-short-faced-sonarphin.png 3231-white-rose-aardwolf.png 3232-pink-rose-aardwolf.png

Hello! - Wondering where I am? Want to say Hi? Come leave me a message on FR or CS.
HSoup on Flight Rising - My Lair
HSoup on CS too - My Profile page

Villagers 15

Comments 325

    • Pleasure doing business with you! Best of luck on FR!

    • I mean it's entirely your choice! I personally always try to fight, even when I know I'm going to lose, but to each their own and all!

    • it's okay lmao 8^)

      I'm all done with the PvE points so it's all I can do whilst still gaining points lel at least I'm getting one even when I lose

      thought perhaps to save us both time I'll just flee from now on as that still gets you 4 points xD

    • Haha, that's understandable, my OCs have always had long, odd names, and Shero's (my username's) is honestly probably the worst. ^^; And okay! I'll probably find a way to give it away or something in the future when the snow plushies have gotten more value, so it can still make someone really happy! ovo

    • You're very welcome :)

    • Thank you too!

    • ah, i messed up the trade name! yes, do send the trade please!

    • You don't have to if you don't want to! But if you,do, thank you so much, haha.
      Likewise for you, but I highly doubt I'd get something you need lol. Could I have a link to a list of what you need, just in case?

    • Wow thank you! I forgot to say, but I believe I have a mini harem (4 females and a male?) Of the chests as well! I'm a breeder of many things I guess lol

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