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User ID: #211290
Username: Myrrhmaid
Gender: Unspecified
Last Online: 10 Dec 2023, 6:36 am
Registered: 25 Apr 2022, 12:06 am

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    • nice to see you in the forums again, friend! i'm sure manic appreciates u helping out too x3

    • Thanks so much for offering the lending, I ran out of time to be on. here yesterday, so I simply used my uncommons as studs c=

    • I'm glad you found it helpful. I wish we were allowed to bump those threads in the forums. That one and the one listed in the beginning of it that explains how to play this event are both great. All the info is the same. I've been trying to post the links in all the threads I see with people asking for help with this event so more people can hopefully see them.

    • You need to make some room in your inventory so I can accept the trade! Thanks :D

    • thanks for the fragments!

    • Sure, there's no rush. I have spares if anyone else needs one in the meantime :)

    • Heh, s’alright, it understandably gets a little weird to think about when you’re breeding the same stud to their increasing.. um.. brood.

      And yeah, you can keep them till after rollover.

    • Congrats on the SRs :D Sorry it took so long to accept the trade!

    • I am thinking they finally are letting us breed the new months pets starting from the 1st. I bought some Gundi,s and they will be rtb on the 1st. I'm so glad you saw them in the shop and posted your question.

    • Thank you! RNG was very generous with me today, so the month is starting off well. I hope you have more success too.

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