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User ID: #111268
Username: Sunwood
Gender: (girl)boss
Registered: 15 Feb 2018, 8:33 pm

Profile description

☀ sun | 18 | she/her | +1 FV (EDT) | TEP native ☀
Uroboros is my better half, send him something neat ♡
hello! you can call me sun! :-)
i'm usually only logging in for my daily and poking my head in the forums now and again.
i'm a night owl with a whacked out sleep schedule, so i could be active at some interesting times.

i love picking up wanderers, regardless of species or progress in their careers.
i'm always open to give them new homes and purposes!

my current goal is to make a golden retriever army. why? i don't know, are you a cop? (5/10)

the only thing i have going for me is that i have every (current) pickle-related item in my gallery,
and i am a 47-time lottery winner, earning 3,030,521 FC over time.
i may have a gambling problem...

as of 8/24/23, i have completed my button book!
thank you to everyone who has donated and helped me get buttons - anonymous or not. <3

besides all of that, i don't really know what else to say about myself. ^^"
some of my interests are toontown: corporate clash, dead by daylight, splatoon, and stranger things.
if you're into those too, that's great! love seeing like-minded people on here.
!! things to know !!

i have two anxiety disorders which make it harder for me to maintain conversations, take longer to respond, take the initiative to reach out, etc. all i ask is you give me patience, and i will return the same.

i'm not looking for friends as i am content with the ones i have. if we see each other often on the forum or around the site, neat! that's cool! but i usually am not looking for conversation or sharing socials, or... none of that stuff. it especially does not help my anxiety. you stay in your lane and i stay in mine, it's all i ask. :-)

my villagers do not respond in character, and i'm not really up for roleplaying. i may participate in roleplaying-related games and such rarely, but that's pretty much it.
i do admire those who have the courage to keep up with their characters and have a passion for it.

☀ current wishlist: (clickable!) ☀
(please don't feel obligated to give anything!! you absolutely don't have to.)
☀ always wanted (clickable!) ☀
a huge thank you to everyone who has helped me obtain my wishlist items in the past.
your kindness is never forgotten, and it's extremely appreciated. <3

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    • Yayy the spooky stuff makes me so happy ^-^

    • You’re very welcome! Glad you enjoy <3 •v•

    • Thanks for the spooky-themed items for my gallery!

    • I hate your chicken

    • thanks c:

    • i won't have to buy platters for a long time XD thanks! i really appreciate it!

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