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User ID: #111268
Username: Sunwood
Gender: (girl)boss
Registered: 15 Feb 2018, 8:33 pm

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〈 ✩ SUNWOOD ✩ 〉
‹ she/her | 63559503_YRSjGmXX24Jqobx.png63559498_A0wMArdeFt7q502.png | +1 FV (EDT/UTC-4) | always exhausted ›
currently in: tigereye peak, my native village!.

〈 ✩ LINKS ✩ 〉
toyhou.se | comms (closed) | artfight

Uroboros is my platonic partner!
send him something to make his day, he deserves it. ♡


〈 ✩ ABOUT ME ✩ 〉
hello! i'm sunwood, but you can just call me sun.

i've been playing furvilla since 2018, but i took a hiatus between 2021 and 2023. came back about a year ago and now i'm kinda stuck here! hyperfixations suck.

i'm not as active or involved as i once was - i'm mainly only on here to do my hourlies and buy/sell art. i'm probably peeking around the forums the most. sorry i clog up the recent posts so often...

i collect rabbit/bunny things, and i have a complete collection of pickle-related items! you can see my pickles in my gallery - i'm genuinely proud of how stupid it is. i don't even like pickles!

outside of furvilla things, my top interests are:
‹ corporate clash | splatoon | project sekai | resident evil | dead by daylight | the sims 4 ›
if you like these things too, you are based and super cool.


-✩- my sleep schedule is awful, so you'll probably see me on here at all kinds of times of the day.
don't question it, i'm getting enough rest. promise.

-✩- i'm terrible at reading, typing and comprehending things at times. i've always been this way, i'm unsure why. i always try my best to edit my messages if i catch anything, but i'm sorry if i don't!
feel free to let me know if i misunderstood something.

-✩- i suspect i'm neurodivergent and i have anxiety, so socializing outside of "business" can be hard for me at times. please have patience with me, i'm doing the best i can.

-✩- i don't know a lot about the game, but i know my way around for the most part. if you're newer or you have a random question out-of-the-blue for me, feel free to comment on my profile or DM me.

-✩- i'm not looking to add people off-site or on-site,
though i consider most players on here to be acquaintances.


〈 ✩ WISHLIST ✩ 〉
a list of items i am currently seeking out!
‹ FurCoins | FurDollars | Paintie Ticket ›

for a more in-depth list of what i'm looking for, visit my wishlist villager, promise!

a list of items i am always looking for!
‹ Shifty Morphing Potion | Sky Rock | Warrior's Elixir | Snow Festival Frozen Leaf Fairy | Eye Spy Jawbreaker ›

please don't feel obligated to give anything! you don't have to.
and a huge thank you to everyone, anon or not, who have sent over items! <3

〈 ✩ CREDITS ✩ 〉
alxq - code template | Uroboros - FV logo replacement image ›

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    • Aww, it's no problemo! Thank you so much though, y'all are so sweet ;v;

    • Thank you so much!! <3

    • Finished your piece for the OC thread! Hope you like it <3

    • Thank you so much!!!

    • thank you so much! you're so so kind!!!!

    • Thank you for the minipets! Always appreciated!

    • oh wow, thank you so much!!!! i really appreciate it!! :D

    • Thank you for the overalls!!!

    • Pog somehow got my pets mixed up, so sorry about that! sent you another trade with the proper pets. ^^"

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