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Username: Ravenchaos
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Registered: 9 Aug 2017, 9:01 am

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self-taught digital artist

-11 hours FV time

I'm a worldbuilder with two huge stories in the making which may take ages unless my ongoing procrastination gives me a break. Which in the meantime seems to be never. *shakes fist in the air* curse you laziness! my commissions are always open for USD, just DM me if interested! I may be a little forgetful at times so please give me a poke If I'm taking longer to get back to your commission than usual.

The lovely anon fairies who I've had the pleasure of coming across. Thank you for your kind gifts~

Nocturnal fairy

Not actually a fairy fairy

The fairy philosopher

Garden fairy

Ramdom gifting fairy

Nursery rhyme fairy

Ephemeral fairy

Moblin fairy

The chex mix fairy

Wan Shi Tong faerie



Discord: Juno #4935 (only adding people i've talked to before ^_^


Apathy's a tragedy and boredom is a crime, a little bit of everything all of the time.

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