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art by gummydoodles, logo by spectral

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I am 19 years old and a digital artist/story writer with a massive project underway and a love for making new characters. I'm always down to meet new people so please don't feel shy to talk to me; I like to think I'm approachable so even if it's for small talk I'm totally fine with it. I might seem overly chatty and share a lot while other times I'm very closed off. Dont take it personally because it's never my intent to offend anyone. My emotions are like a tornado and I can be very impulsive and forgetful at times. If i don't reply it's either because I'm sleeping or I'm busy. Usually I'm online much less on the weekends but i try to be active either way. I am currently expanding my collections and reworking/recoding my villagers. It is a work in progress so stay tuned ( •̀ ω •́ )

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my wishlist is here

many thanks to everyone who's gifted me items, it's much appreciated and brought me a step closer to completing my goals. you rock!

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    • Thanks so. much!

    • I've been well! Finally have time to play again so I'll be around more often :)

    • Thank you so much for the shifty morphing potion!!!!!

    • Sounds like a good plan~ Feel free to give me another poke if any of it is confusing, or you'd like some more opinions on what might work best for a particular build~!

    • So it depends on what you'd class as "stronger"... Because the Unicorn Curio mostly adds a little bit of resistance to every element when equipped to a warrior, as well as gives them +1 battle charge. There's also a lot of chances for increased loot/exp/FC, so that's something to consider too. It's over all not a bad boost to a warrior in general~

      I've been working towards getting more Ruby Dragon Curio's myself, as I like the +2 warrior battle charges (The most out of them all currently), +2 agility, +3 intelligence, and a chance to get double exp. It's not a big boost; I'd say the unicorn gives more... but I was mostly looking for the battle charges, and the Dragon is the way to go for that~

      If you take a peak at my warrior equipment spreadsheet linked on my profile, I do have a tab for the Curio buffs; but only the buffs linked to warriors. Aka, the curio's from the OD festival aren't listed as they didn't give anything to warriors.

    • thx sm! ^^

    • Okie dokie, it's been fixed <33

    • Oh strange! Thanks for letting me know :))

    • thanks! i dont know much in english :(

    • I'm so sorry for the inconvenience, I didn't realize my inventory was so full! I think it should be okay now. Thank you so much!

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