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Registered: 9 Aug 2017, 9:01 am

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-11 hours FV time

I'm a helper! I'm here to answer questions so feel free to give me a poke if you ever need guidance. My DMs are always open and you can message me by clicking the letter icon at the top right of your screen!

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About me:

I go by Reine/Crimson online and have changed my username over the past years so I might not be very recognizable to some. I am a digital artist and story writer with a massive project in the works and a love for making new characters. I sometimes do commissions and if I ever take longer than usual to get to yours please feel free to reach out as I can be forgetful at times. I have a toyhouse here

I collect all kitsune related stuff~

my wishlist is here!

thank you PrayingMantis for the winter nap kitsune plushie + dinoby! ♡

TYSM Swampkeeper for the evergreen kitsune plushie!!

thank you snafflewyrm for the HUGE load of FDE pets! much appreciated!

TY Maxicality for the bundled up kitsune plushie~

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    • No problem. I've mostly been taking care of bettas and they're interesting to raise. Very territorial fish though. If you don't mind insects spiders can be a unique pet. Jumpers are some of the friendlier ones I've come across. They rarely bite and have a docile temperment

    • Oh yea, my apologies! I'd like an extra entry in prize pool 1 please!

    • i need to get rid of them somehow asdfghj

    • It's never easy. Nowadays I have pets that don't live for very long (fish and jumping spiders), so I'm more prepared this time around. But I hope you can find a new hamster that brings you as much joy as the last!

    • AAA thank you so much for the return gift!! ;o;

    • u got it!! i have so many slabs so i don't mind dropping a ton on you if you need em :D

    • Thank you for breeding my pets for me!

    • You're welcome. I used to have a hamster as a pet when I was little, so it reminded me of that. Losing a fur baby is never fun. But I'm glad you liked what I sent

    • any time!! ^^

    • You are weclome, enjoy the goodies :D

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