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User ID: #102792
Username: Puppy
Gender: Female
Registered: 9 Aug 2017, 9:01 am

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personal achievements:

~gembound - 3/30/2020

~Lone 'Yote pair - unknown date

17/she/her/Self-taught artist


profile css made by alxq background made by divineflowerings on Instagram

-11hours FV time

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    • oof, has it really been over 4 months since I've been here. Sheesh...

    • TSYM for the art on the secret Santa thread! :D

    • Hi friend ^^ long time no see indeed :D

    • thanks

    • AH thanks!. Also if you wish to keep in contact my TH is LordFafnir

    • Just curious because I'm slowly leaving FV. Am I allowed to add the art you made for Fafnir to my toyhou.se?

    • Yo! Finished drawing your OC in the OC thread!

    • I finished your drawing in the "Draw the OC Above" thread. I apologize for taking so long.

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