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Username: JazzHands
Gender: Male
Last Online: 24 Apr 2024, 11:10 pm
Registered: 19 Aug 2023, 8:42 am

Profile description

Hello, Furvilla! You can call me Jazz, if you want to call me anything.
ToyHouse || Artfight
Note that some of my characters are adapted from the original to fit Furvilla's gameplay and lore. Everything you see on ToyHouse is the original, think of this as a non-canon spinoff I guess.
image14?qlt=82&wid=1024&ts=1670911241536 2560px-Asexual_Pride_Flag.svg.png


About me:
- I might reply really late for a number of reasons, so if I take a while to reply to you, it's not you, I just can't be online right then.
- I like rabbits!! Anything rabbit related is a big thumbs up from me!!
- Fav movie: Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Fav tv show: Infinity Train, Fav musical artist: Dream Puzzles or Radical Face or Dry the River. Indecisive I know

Current wishlist
Thanks to everyone who's gifted me items! I don't know who all of y'all are, but it means a bunch :))
Or anything rabbit- or bee-related :3

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    • you're welcome!! I love meow meow's design, and I figured I could make you something since you make so much awesome art for us :)

    • little kitty cat headed your way!

    • HALLOW MY BELOVED!!! i would let her in. thank you so so much!!! :D

    • O.O. Oh wow! You made my day! Thank you so very very much!!!

    • I picked up a GT drop and like to be sure you are getting stuff too!

    • you're more than welcome! thank you!

    • aww thank you!! it really helps ^^

    • WUH???? THANK YOU SO MUCH??? you totally didn't have to do that, that's so sweet of you! ;w; if there's anything i could do in return for you, let me know!

    • you're welcome! more than happy to help :D

    • YOU'RE SO WELCOME I had a blast drawing him shjskfg great design and character!! ;u;

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