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Username: Blues
Gender: no
Registered: 7 Jul 2016, 9:26 am

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Blues/Zee 30+
I'm not a very interesting or a social person and I tend to be a bit suspicious of anyone I don't know (thanks bad experiences with some awful people, very cool). Also sorry in advance if I say anything odd, English isn't my native language and I have a disability that affects how I understand words.

Please don't PM for a random chit-chat, I'd rather keep the PMs for more important stuff!
I'm not interested in trading the items in my stall, please don't ask. I'm also not interested in selling the stuff for other currency, so if it's for FD, it's for FD only and so on. Sorry.

Trying to get
I've listed these here mostly just for myself so I can check the stall listings quicker lol

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    • Thank you for all the cool stuff at the giving tree

    • Ah, I see. You're welcome

    • Sounds good. Is there a thread I can make the request in? The character would be Sierra, from Secret of Mana

    • Would it be alright if I requested something for the 6 characters meme?

    • well have a good rest of your day uwu

    • I hope that you can fix ur Switch Problem soon it would be a shame if it broke

    • Thank you for the pets!

    • let's wait for more players

    • Of course! You're welcome! <3

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