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User ID: #33263
Username: Airazon
Gender: Male
Last Online: 9 Jun 2022, 3:06 pm
Registered: 3 Jul 2016, 3:11 am

Profile description

If you need to contact me, message me on Discord. (Airazon#1550)

Spooky Trans Boy!
Skyl(a/e)r / Jake- Transmasculine/Trans-Man - 18

I can assist with Profile & Villager-Page coding, just ask.
I have Anxiety, Social Anxiety, PTSD, Depression & Insomnia; Please be considerate.

- Credits -
Background: Wallpaperaccess | Content BG: Ashes and Ghost | Right Column BG: Silent Hill 2
Logo/Sign: Airazon (Me) (*Please don't use anything I make w/o asking permission first! <3 )

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Comments 20

    • AYY right back atcha!! and thank you!! <3 the background was a free one I got from tumblr, I don't know who made it originally unfortunately ;w;

    • Hey! Thanks so much for the animals. I really appreciate it!!

    • Thank you! Sending good vibes and support your way! <3

    • Really? That's awesome! I'm glad to see more of us around!

    • thank you very much! Right back atcha!! <3 (Also I love your page!!)

    • Thank you, I really need this right now as it's the time of month where mother nature hits my guts with a metal bat and reminds me 'oops wrong gender :)'

    • thank you!! your page looks super cool <3

    • tysm! <3
      sending love + support back to you !!

    • This is extremely late, but thank you so much for the nice comment!! :D

    • GRrUiGyxdttsiOfiygybi TYSM 4 THE GIFT OMG

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