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Username: Oneete_Efant
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Hello! I guess it's about time to talk about myself on here. My name is Emmett and I'm a 24 year old transman. I am married and love all things Halloween/Spooky related. I absolutely love the fall and love the holiday. I'm pretty friendly at least I think so. I try to help people as much as I can. If you ever need help or just want to talk send me a message <3

I do have a fursona named (you guessed it) Emmett. He is a 27 year old moose. He originally didn't start as my fursona but was instead made for a role-play. I ended up connecting with him more as time passed and finally made him officially my fursona a couple months before joining this site. He currently does not have a pantie but does have a toyhou.se with all available art of him. I do hope someday soon I will be able to upload one.

With all of this said I think I'm done for now. I'll talk to yall later

Pride hearts and pronouns by Candycat77024

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