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User ID: #110257
Username: Swampkeeper
Last Online: 1 Apr 2023, 2:11 am
Registered: 19 Jan 2018, 6:20 pm

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She/Her 18+
Hey there, I'm Swampy- also known as Swampkeeper or Swamp Hermit online!
I'm open to commissions, art trades, friend requests, and friendly chat!

-Clumsy aspiring artist
-Certified monster and horror lover
-Member of LGBTQ+ and furry
-Sub-par gamer

My Carrd

If you're interested in a commission, come check out the art shop I co-run with my partner Snekk !

Any Keepsakes, Outfits, Furdollar Emporium/Birthday Boutique items, or Fulldollar/Event Pets that I don't own- can send screenshots!



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Comments 35

    • Hi! Your pet "candy" is so beautiful!

    • Just wanted to know since I forgot, how much is the exact total of the squash doodles?

    • Thank you for purchasing at The Traveling Tradepost! We’re always happy to help at affordable prices!

    • Thank you! I tried to keep popping in to turn but time escapes my grasp like cotton candy that a raccoon tried to wash askfjnsdfknjasd

    • who allowed u to tug at my heartstrings with that pin /nm
      i would die for jacko lol

    • Thank you very much for your donation to the event! I will be logging it tomorrow :3

    • thank you soo much for the costumes.

    • Thank you for filling my skips on the art thread ;u; <3

    • thank you for the sticker!! :D

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