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User ID: #67921
Username: Zjero
Gender: Agender
Registered: 7 Dec 2016, 12:16 pm

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Zjero | any pronouns | ace/aro
Hi! Nice to meet you ^^
Dragonsmaw Manor native. Lover of all scary and spooky things. But I don't bite! ^_^

Game goals:
+ have Painties for all my active Villagers (5/11 complete)
+ each active Villager has at least one Feast trophy (complete! July 2021)
+ get a Gold Feast Trophy (complete! Jan 2021 Feast)
+ complete the Toybox (missing plushies below)
+ complete the Button Book (missing buttons below)
+ win the Lottery (complete! 01.01.2021)



Villagers 40

Comments 104

    • -BerryDrop- She looks very cute! Thank you so much ^^

    • Done with your bookmark! I uploaded it to toyhouse.

    • So glad you liked it!!! ^=^

    • Glad to help!! I was low on tourney points when the shop opened (and I had 155 tokens!) so I figure this is very helpful for everyone

    • RaccoonKibble Hi there! Nice to meet you :3
      My requests are closed at the moment, as I'm preparing for ArtFight. Thank you for asking though <3

    • hii :] im pretty new here and im wondering if your requests are open? the vhs tape ones are super duper cool <3

    • I saw a VHS tape drawing you did here and was wondering if you do those but as commissions/requests? i apologize if this question is rude, i just really like that drawing! <:)

    • Your welcome!

    • ^=^ so glad you like it!!!

    • Alewolf I have that mod installed as well ^_^ But I don't play the Sims 4 much. I'm sticking to the Sims 2 because it feels more fun. Thank you for the recommendation, though :3

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