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User ID: #91133
Username: Manitka
Gender: Trans-Masc Androgyne
Last Online: 22 Dec 2021, 5:04 pm
Registered: 2 Apr 2017, 9:42 pm

Profile description

I'm panromantic and I'm a Trans Masc Androgyne!

My pronouns are he/they. She pronouns don't bother me but are not preffered ^^

I have a hard time expressing gratitude, so I'm sorry if I don't sound completely enthralled, I am totally happy, I've just always had a issues trying to express it.

I have really bad executive dysfunction, please be understanding and try and remind me if you need something from me! My meds help but I still lose track of stuff sometimes.

Pumpkin casualties: 524

Commissions I'm waiting on:
[No rush, I'm just forgetful]
Gloomyvibes- 200k fc- fullbodies [prepaid]
Squashbug- full body - shifty paintie
Srsishere- one paintie - 1m fc or 1kfd
Verixpa - fullbody stuff - mudpie oc
Slaycier- I have no fricking clue [prepaid]
Whinny- shifty paintie- paintie ticket [prepaid]


Villagers 58

Comments 387

    • Woah, you have an onsite plushie of your own character? That's really cool! How'd you manage that? Are you part of the site staff? Sorry for all the questions, I'm really curious- ^^;

    • Ahhh I love Manitka‚Äôs main Stallkeeper Paintie rn! Would you consider selling your Paintie tickets for FC perchance btw?

    • your entry of manitka in the paintie contest is really pretty! i love how you did the hair!

    • Hi, just wanted to ask about the adopt thread? I sent over the funds for the one I bought, but you haven't accepted it yet and I just wanted to check in and see if you forgot ^_^

    • Thanks so much !!! :3

    • thats completely ok! i dont mind at all, you're good :)

    • wow you have some amazing stuff in your stalls

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