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User ID: #15540
Username: Kaible
Gender: idiot bastard
Registered: 1 Jul 2016, 9:42 pm

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Kaible | he/him & they/them | 23
i have a ferret, a husband, and trust issues lmao

i love:
pokemon, minecraft, fortnite, animal crossing, splatoon, sims 4, pvz gw2, slime rancher, neopets, club penguin, toontown
brooklyn 99, steven universe, harley quinn, superstore, rick & morty, she-ra, kipo, sweet tooth, impractical jokers, spongebob
f.o.b., p!atd, gupi, grandson, ajr, marshmello, lauv, halsey, ariana grande, ke$ha, mcr, p!nk, lady gaga, muse, lil nas x, ts..... kp.....
playing ukelele, writing, drawing, roleplaying, cooking, baking, singing, gardening... i wanna get back into coding & music writing

im cringe af, but that's my problem lmao

i play games on ps4, pc, switch, & xbox - and im a twitch steamer, unfortunately
im down to chill, but im shy and awkward so watch out lol, it's hard to carry a conversation
you cannot have my villagers or characters- i love them far too much

i want a rare flutter bandit for e-z-k-l and serpent cake ingredients and warrior elixirs

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    • Mood though- I feel you fam, haha.
      Really? I don't think I've seen that simon says game- Or maybe I have and I've just forgotten, lol.

    • Right? I feel that way too, even though I haven't played either BFN or gw2, lmao. It's like gw2 is an upgraded version of gw1 and it's just- *chef's kiss* The perfect middle-ground.
      And I honestly think some of the regular/default characters are underrated too, the days I actually do revert back to the roots are the days I get my highest stats and it's almost weird to me-

    • I play Garden Warfare one, as I don't have access to gw2, so I stg I've missed out on a ton of super neato stuffs, haha. But I personally don't really stick to one character/class, I like to hop around with them and go with what I'm feeling that day. :) And props to you for being a sunflower main man, what variant(s) do you like using? Or do you just play the class as a whole-

    • Oof I feel that, nothing like a quick drawing to help boost the mood ^^ I tend to have art block happen when I get down moods which isn't the most fun thing if I have a bunch of work on progress stuff lol QwQ;; Still, lil mindless sketches help :DD

    • Aw thank you!! I love your entries too, crazy seeing how many you've been able to create :DD

    • tyvm for the compliment ^-^;

    • thank you! it's based off of one of my fursonas <3

    • Thank you! ^^

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