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User ID: #15540
Username: Kaible
Gender: idiot bastard
Registered: 1 Jul 2016, 9:42 pm

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Kaible | he/him & they/them | 24
i have a ferret, a doggy, a husband, a wife, and bisexual tendencies.

i love:
pokemon, minecraft, fortnite, animal crossing, splatoon 2, sims 4, pvz gw2, slime rancher, neopets, club penguin, toontown, pokemon tcg, among us, call of duty (but only zombies), fall guys, webkinz, minecraft dungeons, oxenfree, little nightmares, no man's sky, racing games but not kart racers, stardew valley

f.o.b., p!atd, gupi, grandson, ajr, marshmello, lauv, halsey, ariana grande, ke$ha, mcr, p!nk, lady gaga, muse, lil nas x, xana, stela cole, june, niko moon, cloudy june, 8 graves, emlyn, cake, paper idol, royal & the serpent, the linda lindas, meet me @ the altar, bobby bare jr., dua lipa, sub urban, greenday, 3oh!3, 21p

brooklyn 99, steven universe, harley quinn, superstore, rick & morty, she-ra, kipo, sweet tooth, impractical jokers, spongebob, new girl, big mouth, human resources, russian doll, final space, lower decks, rocko's modern life, disenchantment, centaurworld, dogs in space, bob's burgers, american dad, schitts creek, squid game, community, fresh off the boat, kim's convenience, nailed it!, one day at a time, it's always sunny in philadelphia, mlp:fim, letterkenny

shrek, thor: ragnarok, black panther, shang-chi, the other side of the door, rose red, turning red, monsters inc, what we do in the shadows, wish dragon,
dog gone trouble, parasite, venom, spiderverse, encanto, the mitchells vs the machines, the kingsman series.... idk horrors, comedies, & animations

writing, drawing, roleplaying, cooking, baking, singing, gardening, spending hours on wikipedia for literally no reason, becoming completely unhinged lurking on social media, collecting build-a-bears, collecting rubber ducks, collecting pokedolls, starting a new hobby every week, loving my friends

im cringe af, but that's my problem lmao

i play games on ps4, pc, switch, & xbox - and im a twitch steamer, unfortunately
im down to chill, but im shy and awkward so watch out lol, it's hard to carry a conversation
you cannot have my villagers or characters- i love them far too much

i want a rare flutter bandit for e-z-k-l and serpent cake ingredients and warrior elixirs

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    • Mood though- I feel you fam, haha.
      Really? I don't think I've seen that simon says game- Or maybe I have and I've just forgotten, lol.

    • Right? I feel that way too, even though I haven't played either BFN or gw2, lmao. It's like gw2 is an upgraded version of gw1 and it's just- *chef's kiss* The perfect middle-ground.
      And I honestly think some of the regular/default characters are underrated too, the days I actually do revert back to the roots are the days I get my highest stats and it's almost weird to me-

    • I play Garden Warfare one, as I don't have access to gw2, so I stg I've missed out on a ton of super neato stuffs, haha. But I personally don't really stick to one character/class, I like to hop around with them and go with what I'm feeling that day. :) And props to you for being a sunflower main man, what variant(s) do you like using? Or do you just play the class as a whole-

    • Oof I feel that, nothing like a quick drawing to help boost the mood ^^ I tend to have art block happen when I get down moods which isn't the most fun thing if I have a bunch of work on progress stuff lol QwQ;; Still, lil mindless sketches help :DD

    • Aw thank you!! I love your entries too, crazy seeing how many you've been able to create :DD

    • tyvm for the compliment ^-^;

    • thank you! it's based off of one of my fursonas <3

    • Thank you! ^^

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