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Username: Logan_the_Hellhound
Gender: I'm an idiot
Last Online: 21 May 2022, 10:04 am
Registered: 8 Apr 2020, 11:53 am

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wskull1.gif "Logan" || 14 || Cis+straight || Half American+half Chinese || Satanist /j Atheist || A lil lonely... || Art Addict~ wskull2.gif


Greetings and salutations friends, enemies, whoever it may be, welcome to my cuddly cult profile~ I'm just your average gore-loving teen that has a drawing addiction. ;)
Uh, I'm into edgy, emo, scene, gothic, grunge, eyebleed, (only a little) kawaii/cute, horror, cryptid, webcore, vaporwave, and casinocore type things, just to name a few...
Most feminine/hyperfeminine things aren't really my thing nor my forte, haha, but I'm open to discovering anything really. :')
I get vv anxious and panicky at the littlest of the most random things, like, all the time, hhhhhhbrprllkjd- ; - ;

I'm very scatterbrained and forgetful, so PLEASE do remind me if I said I'd do something for you and haven't done so yet! I've most likely forgotten because something else got in the way. :') Don't be afraid to poke me here and there if you feel something may have slipped my mind!


Other places you can find me:
Fur Affinity Flight Rising Toyhou.se YouTube Channel


People you should totally sell your soul to- /j:
CinnamonRolls4Life Versoa Brittdub marco0408 DyingSpark TomtordShippinFurry DimkaDimintriFeline Askata SAVIOR Kitskat970 MillyCreation RavensCreations


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Always supportive. <3


Stamp Collection:
(Will redo this later-)


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    • No problem! I'm glad you liked the art :3

    • eeh, eyebleed, cryptidcore, goth, PUNK,edge, bloodcore/aestthetic, grunge, vaporwave, that kind of thing

    • that doesnt matter, i really like alot of those styles and I think their cool

    • ahhhh i absolutely love the aesthetic/core/ interests I love most of them


    • Please god YES-

      Also wth you don't like the sauce of cranberry-

    • please god no-

    • one: okay, f i n e
      and two: NOOOOOOOOO YA NASTY

    • sorry i forgot to respond! im not really used to talking to people much anymore lol. but anyways, i think they buffed the zombies in bfn? i don't know if they actually did or it just feels like it. plus there's a little minigame on the zombie side that's like Simon says and it's really fun :)

    • i do have to say tho that bfn DID give me a new appreciation for playing zombie roles- i hardly ever do it in gw2 unless i have to

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