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User ID: #187033
Username: VukasatheDeer
Gender: Female
Registered: 12 Jul 2020, 3:22 pm

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i dont play anymore if you wanna contact me its birby#6793 on discord or vukasathedeer on TH

im kinda falling out of this site and have no interest in interacting with other users here

if you ever see me here, im probably not gonna be around for long.

UPDATE: im lurking...

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    • i don't care how expired the cat loaf is.... i payed 40k for it and i'm keeping it lmao

    • honk......................................................

    • I’ve beat all of them except for Link Between Worlds, I just haven’t been playing it.

    • The Zelda games I have are, BotW, Ocarina of Time, Majora’s Mask, and A Link Between Worlds.

    • Wanna know a cool fact about the Divine Beasts? They are named after three of the six sages from Ocarina of Time, Princess Ruto of the Zora, Nabooru of the Gerudo, Darunia of the Gorons, and Vah Medoh actually isn’t named after anybody.

    • I also got the Master Sword right before I entered the fourth divine beast.

    • First thing I did the third time playing, was kill a guardian with just a shield, on the Great Plateau

    • Ganon isn’t actually all that hard. The Divine Beasts make it to where Ganon starts at half-health. And I also have the Champions Ballad DLC

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