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User ID: #108879
Username: Cad-Bane
Gender: Agender
Last Online: 13 May 2021, 8:11 pm
Registered: 16 Dec 2017, 12:08 pm

Profile description

kvgMwbs.png 1j6wDhn.png v2PJF9u.png Tl1dGxE.png P9aWhak.png YMPbu9R.png

⚠️Cad-Bane alerted the Horde...⚠️

⚠️Cad-Bane startled the Witch⚠️


If you're new and need a bit of help, send me a DM or comment and I'll send you some FC, Seeds, or Wood. I'll also send you some seeds if you ask, no matter how long you've been on.

If you need more info on me, here you go:

i also go by Bad Cane

I'm kind of bad at social interaction, even online, so I'm really sorry if I sound weird. However, I'm always up to talk if you want to.
I'm also pretty forgetful, just ping me or DM me if I've forgot something or haven't noticed.

Interests: The Elder Scrolls (Oblivion is my favorite and Lucien Lachance is my murder dad), Star Wars (favorite character is my namesake), DOOM, Far Cry 5, L4D, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, Fallout, writing fanfiction, making Painties I'll never get the chance to implement, running away from the Tank.

Things I'm working on: Ripping and tearing until it is done, buying more Paintie tickets, making (and finishing) more Painties to upload, making costumes to sell, beating all L4D2 campaigns, surviving the hell they call school, writing my collab shitpost.

i've also decided to go completely feral and worship the only true lord, Sheogorath


Making more villagers.
Getting a Primordial Shifty Potion for Xenor.
Making a Blessed Lion Warrior Costume.
Getting The Legend's Armor.
Getting a Shifty Morphing Potion Recipe.

I used to be SeafiretheDragon but that was so 2017.

rip SeafiretheDragon /12/16/2017/ - /2/19/2021/

Villagers 24

Comments 66

    • Thank you so much oh my gosh-

    • In that case can you do me a favor? When you get around to it can you buy yourself a packet of seeds and try growing some plants? Natures a beautiful thing and its interesting to see what plants are capable of growing in the area. Corn and strawberries are a stubborn plant yet peas and turnips are seemingly effortless. Even non-crops like flowers can do nature some help by feeding honeybees

    • You are my family, help me help you. Let me buy you lunch or a coffee at the very least i need to know that paypal works

    • No problem! Thank you so much for the gift as well! :>

    • Thank you very much~

    • Were like brothers dude. Love the energy in Fun and Games

    • Yeah! Thanks!

    • ikr! theyre really cool

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