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Username: SAVIOR
Registered: 12 Jul 2020, 3:22 pm

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never playing this game again
you know, furvilla
you're super interesting in my life.
started playing like a year ago.
set the groundwork for where ive ended up. funny how dumb silly things can change your life somehow.
now im just not that person. ive realized that since ive healed from the damage ive suffered, and ive become a better person myself, i just dont wanna be here. this site was never really that great to me. or really, any other related platform.

so im just dropping you, furvilla.
i still have contact with my friends ive made
but ill miss you other people
but its for the best i think, that i say goodbye to you because my mental health is improving
and i know that this is a rational decision now.

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    • aw man, the new song on your profile is also really vibey. you have great taste dude

    • nice song on your profile. you have good taste

    • Cool new username!

    • UHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. Well thank you for the FD. I'm currently conflicted with my self about accepting it but I did anyway. Conflicted because you spent money on this stuff and it feels wrong to me morally to accept it but it feels rude not to because you're trying to cheer me up. Trust me I'm like this over actually getting paid to mow the lawn or clean up stuff you try handing me $30 or more and I'm like 'naw just gimme $10 it's not like I fixed your car or repaired your house or saved a city. buuuuuuuuut then I'd have to accept it becuse they are paying me and won't stop insiting on me taking it.' I't weird I know

    • ehe thank you!! still kinda questioning myself and i'm trying out some new pronouns to see if i like them (:

    • Rat rat rat rat rat rat rat rAt

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