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Username: Honorable_Dragon223
Last Online: 1 Apr 2022, 6:32 am
Registered: 25 Feb 2020, 9:03 pm

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Howdy! Name is Blu, iggy, or phoenix. I am a 16-year-old sophomore currently enrolled in NJROTC so sorry if I sound formal. first time writing a profile des. for an online game so if it's bad my bad, no pun intended. If you wanna talk about stuff just PM me I love to chat and also I'm a certified trash monster so send your junk you don't want this way I'll take it.

for now here a list of things that describe me

Certified Gammer

Certified dog-man

certified joking dumbass

Roleplay lover

an over stressed human being who believes in lots of things

Lover of mythology

Miny irish

Current Mood

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    • Yes of course! Ah it's sad that you're leaving but hopefully we can still keep it touch over on TH ^^

    • ohh? fascinating I can see at you too uses runes as names for your villagers

    • Nothing much either, I'm currently getting back into the hang of things here since I've been focusing more on school and personal art projects (rn in the process of making a mapleshade animatic)

    • What is up! I'm back :3 (for the time being at least)

    • how did you edit your gender to be like that? i wanna do that

    • anyways, i put them norse runes on my shifty, just to casually hide what that shifty will actually be when i get that paintie for it (maybe you can translate the runes and find out who it be early-)

    • your-welcome for the random idea

    • cool way to hide character names tho

    • TES is the elder scrolls, ESO is the elder scrolls online which is an MMO in the series :)

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