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Username: Ratsy
Gender: Non-Binary
Registered: 28 Sep 2020, 4:39 am

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avatar By SAVIOR

I am a young teen currently. I live with 6 members in my family plus a dog. I have been in the furry fandom for a few years now and I find it quite cool. My fursona, the little dude in my avatar, his name is Ratsy. I have AD-HD, anxiety and possible depression. Do not be afraid to strike up a conversation with me. Just be aware that I do not role-play anymore. I find it uncomfortable.


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there are definitely more people im just too lazy to put the rest

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    • thanks dude! also yea im bad at advice since im still not too good at art yet hehe

    • ty

    • Thank you for drawing Stan! He looks very fierce >:3

    • thanks so much! <3

    • Thanks lol, I had to make it Adventure Time.

    • Thank you for the art of my boy! And for the music, Whitewoods is always a jam ouo

    • I don't think I can, your wishes are quite hard

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