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User ID: #196205
Username: JustBetty
Gender: Stupid
Registered: 28 Sep 2020, 4:39 am

Profile description

I am currently saving up for a username change.

Art By EggThief

R.i.p Betty September 28, 2020-January 18, 2021

avatar By Vesker

I'm not doing well with mental health and I have been harming myself so i'm sorry if i'm not online or I don't respond quick.

-Stuff about me-

Names: Sam, Poker, Groovy, or sunday

Lover of anything retro

Aquarius, Feb. 11

Owner of a maltese bichon

I don't roleplay

I go by any pronoun

3563-miren-dobhar-chu.png 2855-deluxe-red-panda-roll.png 4441-sprinkle-smorgi.png 3019-love-bug-kitterpillar.png
4865-fuzzy-baby-sealorb.png 5232-glove-of-rock.png 5233-guitar-of-rock.png 641-paintie-ticket.png

I've changed my fairy identity again. Previously bethany and fluff fairy

People I owe art to:

Please let me know if I have forgotten you on this list.

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    • No problem!

    • It largely depends on the box, but I'd say from maybe 15-10 for the Adventure Box. Checking the stalls and comparing prices is the way to go most of the time. I always priced them pretty low, but depending on the box and need for FD, you could price them higher.

    • hey i just want you to know i think youre really cool and i hope youre doing ok :)

    • ok then, sorry

    • its alright you dont need to know who "they" are. im doing fine, i guess.

    • hey i hope you feel better soon. i havent been doing too well either... i just need their response

    • Oh, you don’t have anything to apologize for! I actually don’t know if you’ve ever bothered me? XD so no worries! It seems a couple people below me in the comments are wishing you a happy birthday, so... happy birthday! Hope it’s a good one ^^

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