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Villager: Poker

i am a god bow before me


Villager Info

ID: #402174

Name: Poker

Gender: Male

Location: Dragonsmaw Manor

Born 3 months, 6 days ago

Career: Explorer

Owner: Ratsy

Genus: Shifty

Species: Snake

Color: Kewl


House: Dragonsmaw Manor House (1/96)

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Poker looks stunning!

Poker's very special treasures!



the threatening look of this lime-colored snake is far from his personality. He enjoys other`s company and expressing himself. He loves cooking and dancing. He currently suffers from depression but he tries his best to make himself feel happy. He loves watching old drama films and musicals. His favorite beverage is hot tea. He currently works at a record shop by the beach and loves his job. loves polka dots and wishes it was summer all year. As terms of aesthetic: sand dunes, sunsets, creme colors and hot tea also, gay af

I think this little guy counts as my comfort character. I found a lot of songs that bring off an incredible vibe and it’s so him. Whenever I listen to the songs I get an overwhelming feeling of peace. The vibe is so great.


paintie by Swampkeeper

His TH https://toyhou.se/9287976.poker

Art by Cl0WNY on toyhou.se
Holy shit I love this so much


Comments 14

    • Perfection at its finest

    • "Why thank you beautiful~"

    • ah, the gay snek, it is i, the bisexual arctic fox

    • sneksneksnek

      speaking of songs

      this song makes me feel p e a c e

    • yes i do, i have plans for this one

      all i'm waiting for is $5 for FD for paintie ticket and enough FC to commission a paintie

    • Thank you so much! :D

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