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User ID: #108217
Username: hircus
Gender: Non-Binary
Last Online: 15 Apr 2021, 10:41 am
Registered: 2 Dec 2017, 1:24 pm

Profile description

James/Maynard/Fum | he/they/spud/bone | masc. non-binary + musicagender | 17

Autism | psychosis | social anxiety | system host | general memory issues

I have a delusional attachment (not a kin lol) to a fictional character (won't say who bc i don't wanna get bullied LOL), so I have a very unstable/complex sense of identity. More than welcome to block if that makes you uncomfy. Won't hurt my feelings :0].

Thank you to any and all anon transfers!!

Pronouny / Instagram / Toyhouse

icon credit: me. i made it :0] flag credit
signature credit: n/a
et cetera: original code by Reav (this is a heavily modified version of the pigeon css); header based on the oh, no! it's devo album text; background from patternvomit; village shield inspired by keith haring's works; logo is the old club devo logo (c. 2005)


Some things I like: (underline = current fixations; inactives unlisted)
- 1960s - 90s stuff
- Aardvarks, bears, & skunks
- Cartoons/animation in general
- Chipmunks on 16 Speed
- Dobie Gillis
- Early 90s Nick at Nite
- General collecting and video games
- Gilligan's Island
- The Good Guys (1968)
- Math & numbers
- My Favorite Martian (1963)
- Nintendo & Sega
- Real lost media/hunting for it
- Rhythm Heaven
- Sid and Marty Krofft
- Where's Waldo

I love talking to people despite my horrible anxiety and inability to continue a conversation :'0]. Don't be afraid to send me a random PM or friend request.

I also struggle with words so if I ever say thanks and I sound uninterested, I promise I'm being genuine.

Oceandome (12/2/17 - 7/11/19)
Quetzal Palace (7/11/19 - present)


wishlist said:

Anything bear, skunk, flower, or alien/space related
Anything missing from my menagerie, button book, sticker album, toybox, stone collection, etc
Fancy Plant Drinks and/or FPD materials

274-frosted-token.png 193-sun-coin.png 153-sky-coin.png 4477-tiny-toy-brontosaurus.png 4475-tiny-toy-t-rex.png 3700-grizzly-teddy-bear.png 3409-gargoyle-gecko.png 5287-mind-bending-hypno-box.png 632-horned-guinea-pig.png 4488-vintage-ant-farm.png 4762-carpenter-bumblebear.png 4764-digger-bumblebear.png 1840-cerberus-doberpup.png 3701-honey-teddy-bear.png 717-spiked-spiny-mouse.png 3703-well-loved-teddy-bear.png 6360-well-loved-skunk-plush.png 5307-demon-gryphon-sticker.png 4699-dragon-cat-sticker.png 5303-mummy-bear-sticker.png 4691-barbarian-bear-sticker.png 4686-crown-of-flowers.png 4469-faux-leather-jacket.png 6398-golden-plaid-camping-shirt.png 2220-noble-bear-plush.png 754-polar-bear-plush.png 2864-striped-dunk.png 4471-space-chase.png 4729-wizardly-wand.png 5253-clown-shoes.png

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    • af4a713128a7d854b20ed0ad7e4c3a7238c95e80

    • I don't think I've ever seen anyone that likes aardvarks

    • I love your wallpaper! Really pleasing to look at : )
      (ALSO Gilligan's Island is cool glad to see another fan!

    • hi shit i love ur art!!! it's real cute & unique

    • My Instagram is craigeesart! But king_craigy works!!

    • Ahh nice! Be seeing you around I guess! ^^

    • Yo are you on Drawception under the same user? Saw a Scooby Doo pic and it looked like your style ^^
      (Sorry if this is annoying but I think it's cool when I recognize people :'0)

    • that was so good. thank you.

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