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Username: deerSkullz
Gender: ⛧Male⛧
Registered: 5 Jul 2016, 4:27 am

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Welcome to my profile chumps
Wendigo || he/him || 23 || Aries || fv time -3

Chaotic Evil

Art that I owe
atilla - Fullbody of Maveric, re-linin'
friendlybirb - Fullbody


I'm just an edgy loser that has no idea what he is doing. If you had message me or pinged me but I haven't replied then I either missed it or I meant to reply but totally forgot, feel free to re-message/ping if that happens!

I am most currently into The Lion King, Obey me, FnF and PKMN.
Also a big horror/slasher fan!!
I always stan Jason Voorhees

Awesome peeps:
kristian-dee Nindroid GemBond alxq annecahi

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    • thank you so much for your art of kiyoshi! i love it so much!! <333 ;;w;

    • Very edgy.

    • Please except the trade for my 'I am leaving' forum! no rush, but if not accepted by 5PM January, 26 FV time then it will be cancelled!

    • I'm very glad you liked the art!! You have such lovely characters. :3

    • Yup! He's new. I just recently commissioned a person to design him. To be honest, he 'came to existence' only 3 days ago! So seeing him already have art, and so pretty too, it feels amazing! Both this art and the one you drew for Sotha are beautiful ♥ So, thank you once more! >w<

    • Yoooo, thank you for that art of Rogan! He looks amazing ♥ I love it. I never would expect him to get his first (not ref) art so fast! ♥ Also, I don't want you to redo anything, but I just wanted to notice that he also has that beetle shell/wings (I'm not sure what to call it) on the back; It took me some time to notice it, so I'm not surprised it's missing lmao Still, it's beautiful! Aand thanks for faving him on toyhouse ♥

    • Hehe, true. And it's good you are happy with it yourself! I think that's the most important thing when it comes to art. And although I didn't draw ponies much myself, I can sure agree they are a lot of fun to draw!

    • Ah, that's good then! I will upload it in a moment. And hmm, I didn't really notice the waist being weird, but I think I can see what you mean. Still, in my eyes, this art looks beautiful. Thank you once again! ♥

    • Ahh Thank you for drawing Sotha! He looks so stunning! I really love it ♥♥ Can I upload this drawing on Toyhouse? (with credits ofc) I really love how you drew him ♥

    • Thanks so much for doodling Oris, you really didn't have to do that I'm just glad to help out a bit when I see people needing/could use something I honestly keep way too much of lol.

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