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User ID: #35532
Username: Vesker
Gender: Trans FtM
Registered: 3 Jul 2016, 10:45 am

Profile description

Jay | 27 | England | Queer | FtM | He/Him

Your average loser on anti-depressants with various disorders.

I don’t particularly write reams of text about myself on profiles because I’m really boring but if you wanna get to know me at all, my DMs are always open!

I like things like horror games & movies, a few cartoons, a variety of anime. There would be too much to list, but totally come and enquire if you want to! I'm open to DMs and Friend Requests!

Current Hyperfixation: Disco Elysium

This Disco Elysium fanart is by Mocksiee!

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I'm always looking for animals that are missing from my menagerie!

To see what I am missing, you can check my menagerie via the link above, or you can see an alphabetical list of all of the Furvilla animals I am missing in a Google Document here!

I sometimes accept FV pets for selected adopts in my Adopt Shop, or for pieces of artwork in my Art Shop! I value pets at the current lowest stall price! If no price is available, then it’s dealer’s choice!

Thank you anon fairies! Y’all so sweet! Been visited by:

Butcher Fae | Vanilla Scented Fairy | Shining Diamond Fairy | Chariot Fairy | Medical Fairy | The Outsider | Cosine Fairy | Tiny Fairy | Green Fairy | Rhythm | The Fairy Philosopher | Pride Fairy | Fluffly Rosy Fairy | The Chex Mix Fairy | Origami Fairy | The Paper Fairy | Froppy Fairy | The Hybrid Fairy | Edibles Fairy | Lover Boy | Vampire Bat Fairy | Tiny Fairy | Moblin Fairy | Moonshade Fairy | Food Faerie | Sorbet Fairy | Weird Scaly Fairy

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    • aaaa
      I'm glad ya like it~
      I was kinda afraid I went overboard w/shadin' tbh ^^;

    • I finished your drawing in the "Draw the OC Above" thread. I'm so sorry it took me this long.

    • wow haha sorry this is sooo late, but tysm for drawing Dandy last year in Art Fight ♥ I just checked and had no idea anyone attacked me xD I'll be getting you back this year tho, just you wait *points tablet pen menacingly* lolol

    • Terribly late, but thank you for drawing Fishleg!

    • thank you so much!! <3

    • Thank you! I was very excited to claim you when i saw the character, shes too cute and i dont get to experiment with oinkers much!

    • Thank you for drawing him!

    • I finished your drawing in the "Draw the OC Above" thread. Let me know if I need to change anything.

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