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User ID: #35532
Username: Vesker
Gender: Trans FtM
Registered: 3 Jul 2016, 10:45 am

Profile description

Jay | 27 | England | Queer | FtM | He/Him

I just wanna be as cool as Harrier du Bois

I don’t particularly write reams of text about myself on profiles because I’m really boring but if you wanna get to know me at all, my DMs are always open!

I like things like horror games & movies, a few cartoons, a variety of anime. There would be too much to list, but totally come and enquire if you want to! I'm open to DMs and Friend Requests!

Current Hyperfixation: Disco Elysium

This Disco Elysium fanart is by SailorTim!

⋆ ✩ ★ Adopt Shop! ★ ✩ ⋆ | ⋆ ✩ ★ Art Shop! ★ ✩ ⋆

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I'm always looking for animals that are missing from my menagerie!

To see what I am missing, you can check my menagerie via the link above, or you can see an alphabetical list of all of the Furvilla animals I am missing in a Google Document here!

I sometimes accept FV pets for selected adopts in my Adopt Shop, or for pieces of artwork in my Art Shop! I value pets at the current lowest stall price! If no price is available, then it’s dealer’s choice!

I'm also always looking to fill out my other FV collections!

To see what I'm missing, you can check the links above - keepsakes, stamps, buttons, outfits etc - or you can see an organised list of all missing items I need in a Google Document here![/center]

Thank you anon fairies! Y’all so sweet! Been visited by:

Butcher Fae | Vanilla Scented Fairy | Shining Diamond Fairy | Chariot Fairy | Medical Fairy | The Outsider | Cosine Fairy | Tiny Fairy | Green Fairy | Rhythm | The Fairy Philosopher | Pride Fairy | Fluffly Rosy Fairy | The Chex Mix Fairy | Origami Fairy | The Paper Fairy | Froppy Fairy | The Hybrid Fairy | Edibles Fairy | Lover Boy | Vampire Bat Fairy | Tiny Fairy | Moblin Fairy | Moonshade Fairy | Food Faerie | Sorbet Fairy | Weird Scaly Fairy | Moonshade Fairy | Apollo

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Toyhou.se | DeviantArt | Art Fight | Flight Rising

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    • Thanks so much! Love the art.

    • Thank you for the drawing :)

    • Ofc!! Your welcome! :] he was so fun to draw!

    • Restarted the trade!

      Man.. ya i was so confused when i came on and stuff i had bought was gone... i was like but why... (hadnt read the thing and thought i was going crazy all my notifs were the same as yesterdays)

    • Vesker the trade must have fudged up because of the site outage.... i swear we both had it accepted.....

    • ok i changed my villager into a shify how can i edit that species part? (sorry if i'm bothering you)

    • oh thx i already tried that it didn't work bc i made it look like a chibi base.

    • Your welcome! ^^

    • thanks for catching my mistake !

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