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User ID: #207114
Username: GalacticCode
Gender: Female
Registered: 31 Jul 2021, 10:26 am

Profile description

Heya! my name's Tora! (you can call me Galactic or Tora) my pronouns are She/Her. Birthday is October 12!
My username is a reference from my favorite game.

Not usually active here anymore, but feel free to send me a message or ping me though, big chance I might see them OuO

First Village: Olde Foxbury

Anything Crocodile/Alligator!
Magic Baby Crocodile Sticker
Libra Zodiac Plushie
Any Plushies (keepsake or toybox)
Any Anchor Items
Torn Steak
Forest Cape
Paintie Ticket
Shifty Morphing Potions
Cryo Waste
Gourd Container

Check out my stuff~

Villagers 16

Comments 9

    • Also thank you! :D

    • Nah, not really. I wasn’t using it. Better it go to someone who appreciates it rather than leave it collecting dust in my toybox :3

    • Your welcome

    • You're welcome! Have a good day and an even better bday! ^^

    • xD I'd meant to send it anonymously, but must've missed a button. You're so very welcome! Happy I could help c=

    • Thank you for the items!

    • Crocodiles need loves and respect

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