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User ID: #207114
Username: GalacticCode
Gender: Female
Registered: 31 Jul 2021, 10:26 am

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Back from hiatus, don't exactly know why I said I was quitting. guess some peeps here really got on my nerves.
Forgot what I wrote here so I'll just start from scratch lol.

Heyy, name's Tora, you can call me by that or my username. I use any pronouns (EXCEPT It/It's)
5194-october-birthday-gift-box.pngOct. 12 is my birthday.5194-october-birthday-gift-box.png

Not active as a furry anymore but this place is nice as a game :]
Though I still draw some furry OCs from time to time.

Seal Plushie6118-seal-plushie.png
5423-american-alligator-plush.pngAnything Crocodiles/Alligators734-saltwater-crocodile-plush.png
6042-painted-dinghy-anchor.pngAnything Anchors4954-sunken-anchor.png
6802-galactic-button.pngGalactic/Cosmic Stuff6802-galactic-button.png
814-white-tailed-deer-plush.pngPlush/Magical Plush815-magic-white-tailed-deer-plush.png (keepsake plushies works too 6353-well-loved-deer-plush.png)
Shifty Morphing Potions708-shifty-morphing-potion.png3353-galactic-shifty-morphing-potion.png3466-primordial-shifty-morphing-potion.p
Paintie Ticket641-paintie-ticket.png
Torn Steak203-torn-steak.png
Monster Meat3431-monster-meat.png
Fresh Water Cup6074-fresh-water-cup.png
Any slabs276-marble-slab.png277-stone-slab.png4429-earthen-slab.png275-coral-slab.png

Also, I've finished setting up and finishing up my villager profiles. feel free to check them out and comment on them, they'll always respond in character!

CSS by: TropicalDeer

Villagers 30

Comments 26

    • NNn this is so cool to hear! And to find another person who loves sub and slime rancher ♥

      It's so pretty aaa thank you so much ♥ I love it so much and it's just >w< So precious so prettyy Thank you!

    • Hi

    • Ah sorry about that, I only meant to send it once. Thanks for pointing that out!

    • np! i havent really participated in the site for a few years now, i figured the items would be better with other people

    • Ty for the potion!!

    • Oops sorry I deleted your comment on my account! Sorry! ^^ And did you drew some of your villagers? C :

    • A a a a. A I love the art you did of Nedoras!! Thank you! <3

    • Of course ^^ I was just looking at what other people were offering and thought that was a good price for a headshot

    • Sorrel looks so cute with your art style :D

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