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User ID: #209377
Username: RaptorFaust
Gender: Unspecified
Last Online: 7 Jul 2024, 11:11 am
Registered: 29 Dec 2021, 4:52 pm

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Hi hi~!
I'm new here, but I already love this place (and all the villagers).

You can call me Faust, Reiro, or Alter, as I have many names lolol My fault for naming myself differently in every game

I'm a pretty awkward/shy person but I always love to talk, even if I'm bad at it. I enjoy watching anime and playing games, sometimes writing (although now I rarely write), other than that, sadly, I'm yet to find any other hobbies/activities.

Pretty obvious, but my favorite animals are dinosaurs, dragons, lizards, snakes, and birds on top of it. Of course, I like most of the animals but those have a special place in my heart hehe

Hope you have a good day~!

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Comments 35

    • the doodle was well worth the wait, it's so cute!!

    • Yee ofc!! They’re a super neat character :3

    • just letting you know that your art in the DTOAY thread is done!! had a lot of fun sketching them, i hope you enjoy!! :3

    • Thank you for drawing Luca Marbles! I love fake OC merchandise like that ljkshdhgfsf

    • Thank you for the picture of Akkue'ree, it's lovely ^^

    • You are so welcome!! When I saw them listed I just had to draw them, what a goofy goober sobs <3

    • AAAAA I'm so glad you like the art! I had a lot of fun drawing them, and I'm so happy to hear they made your morning better! ^^ <3

    • thank you soo much for the art. she came out really cute

    • AAaa np!! ;o; that comment made me ugly smile lol
      tbh it was hard to choose between Shrimpo or Hunter, as I loved both the games their based off and their designs~

    • TYSM for the art i love it so much!! and the wait was no problem at all <3

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