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User ID: #72946
Username: MyraMidnight
Gender: Female
Last Online: 18 Aug 2017, 8:20 am
Registered: 9 Dec 2016, 5:46 am

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I've been a bit busy and distracted lately with real life and other things, so I haven't been around here

Hey there! You may call me Mýra (read it Mira, me-ra) and I live in Iceland.
That makes me a viking by default! Also my timezone is FV +6 hrs

Welcome to my little corner on Furvilla. Maybe you've seen me in the background somewhere because I tend to be very active for maybe a few months while I discover my surroundings and then I go quiet... same with meeting new friends I would have alot to say but then I loose touch. I am actually rather introverted and loose touch with people because I fail at keeping contact or keeping things updated. I love to help people out, help with solutions or ideas so much that I have to restrain myself sometimes to prevent taking on too much and burn myself out.

I really like furvilla, specially it's potential and how it reminds me of my time on gaiaonline (over a decade ago) where I first started having online social interactions. How it is very forum based and is game oriented at the same time. It is very interesting to be part of something as it hatches and learns how to move properly, you would be missing out on things if you jump ship at the first sight of water in the boat, it doesnt have to mean it's leaking. Gaiaonline was actually in a similar situation when I joined it so I had a fun few years there as it developed since every new feature was something new to explore. Furvilla is right up my alley with it's rather artistically oriented community and a forum.

I might drop off the face of the earth so be patient with me, baby needs me D: (seriously)
I get easily distracted so feel free to ping me or send me a message even if I might be subscribed.
I'm too introverted to keep active contact with others. I really enjoy socializing whenever I can.

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    • Was your comment posted on my profile 50 years ago? Yes. However did I just see it? Also yes.

      I'm not Icelantic but I am Faroese! I believe our countries are suuuper connected tho. Like VIKING BROS

    • Thank you very much for the advice on my doctor!

    • Oh sure thing, set up the trade and I"ll give you the male for one of the females you bought, thanks for purchasing anyways! :D

    • Thank you so much T^T I love the community here <3

    • Thank you, I do know to do that. I just thought the artist would like to know in case a lot of their other art was getting linked to the wrong person. :3

    • aaa sorry! I don't really have any idea of who I'd like you to sketch, I mainly entered for the practice it'd give me because I was super motivated to try and design your fella cos he sounded awesome ;w;

    • Yeah it does automatically change the url to the one of whichever thread you're in, but anything to save characterspace where needed, right XD

    • Hey Myraboo, I noticed your guide on posts urls and shortening and since it said to not post there, let me poke you here.

      There is a slightly shorter way of direct-linking to a post, which looks something like
      http://www.furvilla.com/forums/post/705325, skipping the thread ID entirely. I've been using it for my AH thread navigation all along and it works just fine, so all you'll ever need is the post ID (which I usually just snag via Edit Post XD)

    • Yea, I'm silly and decided to keep them during hte event and didn't realize how out of hand it got :L

    • ok! what species do you need? i want to trade for your dragon and it would be convenient since you'd get to pick what pet you wanted

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