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Username: Archwee
Gender: Dissapointment
Registered: 16 Dec 2022, 2:18 pm

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Hi there! You can call me Archie! I'm a 15 year old artist and fursuit maker who uses he/they pronouns. I love bright colors and collecting candy(which I never end up eating :P ). I'm currently learning more about CSS so that I can improve my profile! ^^

!Please note! I'm a very anxious and nervous individual, which makes it hard for me to have long
conversations with others, especially those I don't know very well.
!Also! If possible, please use tone tags around me. They help me out a ton! <3

Here's my Toyhou.se and my Art Fight!

Other fandoms I'm in include:
~Warrior Cats
~Wings of Fire

Though I haven't exactly kept up with all the books recently...*Sweats*

Beware! Sometimes I bite >:3

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    • I edited your bab if you go back to topic i forgot some lil details to the bab so they are all fixed up for u :)

    • Omg! Thank you so much!!!! Anubis looks so good :D

    • Thank you for the art, he came out amzing.

    • I like the new avatar art! good work!

    • I love Archwell's design <3

    • yea!! Idm if you use the paintie i made ya! <3

    • Oh wait, I see what you mean now. IIRC, on a character's sidebar menu there should be a tab labelled "ownership". Clicking that will bring up a transfer log/credit transfer in which you can add/change artist credits. My user is SaturnSparksAlt on toyhou.se. Messed around with my settings and fixed a couple things so I think that'll help. Let me know if it works ^_^

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