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User ID: #215283
Username: Archwee
Gender: Orange
Registered: 16 Dec 2022, 2:18 pm

Profile description

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Ferris He/They 15 1/15
Quetzal Palace will always be my home! Taking a little trip in OFB at the moment :)
Toyhou.se Art Fight
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Important things to note:
-I have social anxiety, which makes me a very anxious and nervous individual. I struggle with
having long conversations with others, especially those I don't know very well. For this reason,
I don't do long and excessive roleplays, though I may poke my head into a little rp once in a while ^^

-I'm active all throughout the day for periods of time. If you message me I'll definitely see it,
though it might take me a bit to find a moment to type out a resonse :)

-I am extremely forgetful, especially when it comes to responding to messages. If I owe you art, currency payment, or haven't responded to your message in a bit, please don't be hesitant to give me
a little nudge! ^^
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Other things I'm interested in:
-Will Wood
-Phonk music
-The Last of Us
-Sweet Tooth
-Dragon City
-Sharks <3
-Anything dystopian or post-apocalyptic
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Current Goals:
-Turn all my villagers into ✨Archie✨
-Make a ruby dragon curio
-Archie paintie on every costume-?
-Revamp old villager CSS
-Craft a unicorn lance
-Reach 5k feast points

Completed Goals:
-Beat up the Harbinger - 10/20/23
-Get all the Sharkitty items
-Get Warrior Archie to level 21 - 11/14/23
-Warrior Archie spotted in random painties - 12/9/23

Wishlist + Goal Items:
qvGIKxS.gif fIhtkRL.gifsgPfr9S.pngIojRH8P.pngYUaQxDp.pngCTxlbyU.png9q13Z3Y.pngeu5nnat.png

Curio stuff:
════ ⋆★⋆ ════
✧ Thank you so much to the anons who have visited me, you guys are amazing<33 ✧
════ ⋆★⋆ ════

Villagers 14

Comments 71

    • Absolutely, just sent me a DM with the character you want drawn instead of the one submitted! ^^

    • Thank you! I am glad you like JD's paintie!

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    • any time!! and holy crap thank you so much for the costume!!

    • thanks! :3c

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    • waah thank you so much!! that was so sweet ; ;

    • oh gosh i noticed i forgot his forelock, would you like me to edit that? i can go ahead and clean up some other little things while im at it!

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