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User ID: #215283
Username: Archwee
Gender: Orange
Registered: 16 Dec 2022, 2:18 pm

Profile description

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Archie/Lewis He/They 1/15 +1 hr FV QP native!
Toyhou.se Art Fight Art Shop Flight Rising
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Other things I love!
-I like indie and alt rock, and my favorite artists are Rare Americans, Kate Nash, Modest Mouse, Wild Party and The Happy Fits!

-My favorite shows are The Last of Us and Sweet Tooth! I love apocalyptic and dystopian themes as well as eco brutalism. My favorite webtoon is SBG, excited for it to become a show~!
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Current Goals:
-Turn all my villagers into ✨Archie✨
-Craft a unicorn lance
-Reach 5k feast points
-Get Warrior Archie to level 22
-Make a golden fish bone?
Completed Goals:
-Beat up the Harbinger - 10/20/23
-Get all the Sharkitty items
-Get Warrior Archie to level 21 - 11/14/23
-Warrior Archie spotted in random painties - 12/9/23
-Make a jade horse curio - 12/21/23
-Create a blessed lion warrior costume 1/8/24

Wishlist + Goal Items:
qvGIKxS.gif fIhtkRL.gif0F6nZG5.png96EfVXD.pngNBm5zMS.pngcSfe1kS.png3NbY1Bz.png6990-magic-barbarian-canine-sticker.png4222-veiled-aquarnea.png5022-shrimp-aquarium.png6645-choco-nutty-pb-and-jellyfish.png6097-battle-jelly.png6119-shark-plushie.png3659-magic-manta-bat-plush.png6630-discarded-fish-bones.png
And any sort of fish / sea life themed stuff!!
════ ⋆★⋆ ════
✧ Thank you to everyone who has gifted me things!!
Your kindness means so much <3 ✧

════ ⋆★⋆ ════
The silliest, drawn by Sunwood !
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Villagers 15

Comments 114

    • Your character is so cool! What species is it exactly? Or is it a mix?

    • Thank you for all the cool stuff at the giving tree! :)

    • yay thank you for drawing cashew! she looks so cute in your style ^^

    • oh yay! i made a good estimate then, haha. good luck on getting materials! ^^

    • you're welcome!! happy warrioring :D

    • No problem at all~ Always happy to help whenever I can~!

      Good luck getting your Timber Wolf~!

    • Oh it's much easier to get than the Cat and the such. If you're battling in your village's battlegrounds, it'd be about the same as the over village Battle buddies. Every one of them has one~!

    • Yup! It still drops in the higher level village battle grounds of the Tiger Eye Peak village. Very good battle buddy for physical/earth based warriors~!

    • yay thank you!!! more cashews for my hoard >:)

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