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User ID: #215283
Username: Archwee
Gender: Orange
Registered: 16 Dec 2022, 2:18 pm

Profile description

jqEyutq.gif lLlFL4s.gif a02ea63b.png?v=819c5fea d6d70927.png?v=819c5fea 06242783.png?v=819c5fea
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Archie/Lewis He/They 1/15 +1 hr FV QP native!
Toyhou.se Art Fight Art Shop Flight Rising
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Current Interests:
Sweet Tooth! It is my absolute favorite show and I could go on and on about it for ages and you'll never get me to shut up. Sad that it's finished, but it was such a good series and I'll definitely be rewatching it countless times in the future
CSS! I don't entirely know what I'm doing, but I'm doing something! I've been teaching myself and experimenting with my profile and villager profiles!
★ The Last of Us! I love apocalyptic themes, and I need to play the game sometime soon
★ Making painties of my sona! It takes me a thousand million years to ever finish and upload them, but my army is slowly and surely growing
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The silliest, drawn by Sunwood !

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qvGIKxS.gif fIhtkRL.gif 0F6nZG5.pngjapiCLu.pngXIW0lvV.png
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Thank you to everyone, anon or not, who has sent me wishlist items!!
Your kindness means so much <3
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Comments 118

    • No problem at all~ Always happy to help whenever I can~!

      Good luck getting your Timber Wolf~!

    • Oh it's much easier to get than the Cat and the such. If you're battling in your village's battlegrounds, it'd be about the same as the over village Battle buddies. Every one of them has one~!

    • Yup! It still drops in the higher level village battle grounds of the Tiger Eye Peak village. Very good battle buddy for physical/earth based warriors~!

    • yay thank you!!! more cashews for my hoard >:)

    • aaa thank you so much!!! that helps a bunch, RNG has been polite with dropping them :D

    • any time! enjoy it man ^^

    • thank you! he's helping me out with it actually cause i am like a grandma with this LMAOO lots of trial and error!

    • i'd be honored, absolutely! go for it ^^ just credit me

    • cutting it kinda close there... maybe they'll tie. (SGNSJSJFH???? THANK YOU SO MUCH???? SHES SO SILLY!!)

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