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User ID: #215283
Username: Archwee
Gender: Dissapointment
Registered: 16 Dec 2022, 2:18 pm

Profile description

Hi there! You can call me Archie! I'm a 15 year old artist and fursuit maker who uses he/they pronouns. I love bright colors and collecting candy(which I never end up eating :P ). I'm currently learning more about CSS so that I can improve my profile! ^^
I'm also a Quetzal Palace native whose hopping villages right now to get some materials!

!Please note! I'm a very anxious and nervous individual, which makes it hard for me to have long
conversations with others, especially those I don't know very well.
!Also! If possible, please use tone tags around me. They help me out a ton! <3

Here's my Toyhou.se and my Art Fight!

Other fandoms I'm in include:
~Warrior Cats
~Wings of Fire

Though I haven't exactly kept up with all the books recently...*Sweats*


-Worker Slot totem/coupon
-Art of Archie
-Plants from anywhere except QP
-Earthen and marble slabs

Villagers 11

Comments 23

    • Omg! Thank you so much!!!! Anubis looks so good :D

    • Thank you for the art, he came out amzing.

    • I like the new avatar art! good work!

    • I love Archwell's design <3

    • yea!! Idm if you use the paintie i made ya! <3

    • Oh wait, I see what you mean now. IIRC, on a character's sidebar menu there should be a tab labelled "ownership". Clicking that will bring up a transfer log/credit transfer in which you can add/change artist credits. My user is SaturnSparksAlt on toyhou.se. Messed around with my settings and fixed a couple things so I think that'll help. Let me know if it works ^_^

    • That's odd. Must be something to do with my settings. Gonna check that out sometime today. Everything's cool tho, I've received and accepted your credit request on Toyhouse. I'm glad you like the design! <3

    • OMGGG So first off, thank you so much for both the art of Otho and Cherub! Those arts are so awesome and pretty and cute suihgduifgh Gah I love 'em! Thank you ♥ You gave me a huge energy boost from the morning and I truly needed it >w<

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