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User ID: #14426
Username: Alewolf
Last Online: 16 Oct 2021, 6:13 pm
Registered: 1 Jul 2016, 8:40 pm

Profile description

Slytherin House


Chaotic Evil


I am a Kokichi Ouma fan.

(Note: Not real trophies I made these for fun and for my profile)


My interest;

Video Games
Cute things

My Little Pony
Harry Potter

My favorite Animal is foxes.
My favorite color is purple.

I'm a bit of a shy person but willing to talk but I'd rather talk in profile comments over PMs, I tend to miss PMs or don't notice them. so contacting me through profile comments is better.

Please click them, thank you


Costume Wish list:


Goal: Get every costume for a fox.

Item Wish list:

The Custom vista I got. I bought it. for those of you wondering how I got it.


I really enjoy role playing some of my villagers will have role playing post in their info box. feel free to respond

WARNING! Please read this before moving on: If you are a new player checking out my profile and villagers, some villagers have Gore in them. if you can't handle gore/Dislike Gore. Please Avoid clicking on the list of Villager below.

Villagers with gore:

Mr Nightmare


Where my villagers live:

Back than where kings and queens where rulers of the lands, knights protected the towns, farmers where seen as poor, and pirates where seen as criminals to jail and keep away at all cost.

The King and Queen are a bit stuck up, but they will get jobs done if needed to keep thier kingdom happy and well. Their son, the prince is more cheerful and out going

Past the town there is a farm area where most of rodents live keep to themselves and will go to town if needed.. the prince tends to go there and see how they are doing and will help out with items if needed. the farmers love the prince.

Far far out of the kingdom's land is where all pirates and sea folk live where the king and queens laws don't effect, sailing for adventure. a care free life.

Deep with in wildlife there are mountains that look like they touch the clouds in the sky, many believe at the top, that's where all the magical beings live with the stars and clouds.. but no one has ever had to courage to hike these mountains and see if true. so it's just a story.

Villagers 88

Comments 240

    • Bbbaaaa thanks so much yeee

    • Yay! More Danganronpa Fans on FV!

    • Thanks :)

    • Thank you for the seeds!

    • Thank you!! :D

    • merry bornday my guy :D

    • broo? 122?? oh my gosh thats a lot for a single game franchise-

    • Hey! As much as I diss you in the Banning forum, I really do enjoy the trophies you made and all the other stuff about you. Especially the fact that you're a Kokichi fan, I cosplay him and Mioda Ibuki, though I think I lost like half of the Kokichi cosplay. Anygays, I really do like your villagers and suffs :)

    • tysm for the art of my boi!!

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