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User ID: #14426
Username: Alewolf
Last Online: 4 Mar 2021, 12:28 pm
Registered: 1 Jul 2016, 8:40 pm

Profile description

(Note: Not real trophies I made these for fun and for my profile)


My interest;

Video Games
Cute things

My favorite Animal is foxes.
My favorite color is purple.

I'm a bit of a shy person but willing to talk but I'd rather talk in profile comments over PMs, I tend to miss PMs or don't notice them. so contacting me through profile comments is better.

Please click them, thank you


Costume Wish list:


Goal: Get every costume for a fox.

The Custom vista I got. I bought it. for those of you wondering how I got it.


I really enjoy role playing some of my villagers will have role playing post in their info box. feel free to respond

WARNING! Please read this before moving on: If you are a new player checking out my profile and villagers, some villagers have Gore in them. if you can't handle gore/Dislike Gore. Please Avoid clicking on the list of Villager below.

Villagers with gore:

Mr Nightmare


Where my villagers live:

As you walk down a dirt path in the woods it feels like you've walked for hours as it get's darker and darker the further you go. Moving a few tree branches a side you come across a village. exploring the village you come down to a large house, looks like a manor, care to explore it?

Villagers 79

Comments 195

    • well, I don't have enough fd for a pantie lol and where do you get costumes???

    • like all of them or are they costumes?

    • lol ok but how did you get the cool villigers

    • you should go play the murder mystery forum

    • you're so lucky omg.. i wanna buy the new merch sb but it's not shipped internationally im pretty sure. and i don't have yen so :\ but there's some really cute stuff! even the pregame characters have a few things

    • oh cool! i got a monokuma hoodie for xmas last year and im probably gonna buy a mask soon

    • i probably would've loved ryoma more if he stuck around and same goes w rantaro. but tbh his adorable stupid hat is way better than shuichis emo hat

      and somehow his anniversary design got even better

    • oh yeah i love him. he's one of my favorites from the series, although best v3 boi award belongs to shuichi. also hello!

    • you have to wait for the others

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