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User ID: #14426
Username: OumaFox
Last Online: 13 Jul 2024, 5:32 pm
Registered: 1 Jul 2016, 8:40 pm

Profile description

Chaotic Evil



(Note: Not real trophies I made these for fun and for my profile)


My interest;

Video Games
Cute things

My favorite Animal is foxes.
My favorite color is black, white, purple.

I'm a bit of a shy person but willing to talk but I'd rather talk in profile comments over PMs, I tend to miss PMs or don't notice them. so contacting me through profile comments is better.

Please click them, thank you


Costume Wish list:

Item Wish list:

WARNING! Please read this before moving on: If you are a new player checking out my profile and villagers, some villagers have Gore in them. if you can't handle gore/Dislike Gore. Please Avoid clicking on the list of Villager below.

Villagers with gore:

Mr Nightmare


Villagers 118

Comments 301

    • fatal frame is my fav horror game

    • btw just let me know if i get really annoying, i dont try to, but it ends up happening a ton anyway

    • fair, i love both (mainly horror movies with creative kills) and horror games i love (yet im too much of a wimp to play) i think the scariest horror game i have ever played was fnaf 4 (the game may not be scary, but the atmosphere is)

    • and im back, but i do have one question, what is your favorite horror movie?

    • ill be back around 4-6pm in my time, ill comment again then

    • im not really a fan of Halloween, just the creepy stuff that happens durring Halloween

    • it was female, and my villager will be happy to have her, btw im gonna take a guess and say your a big fan of halloween

    • yes it is, honestly g3 gave me nightmares, but g4 and g5 are the best, i just wish g4 didnt have to end, but it could be worse
      other than that, im actually really into the gothic style (mainly with furries)

    • im about the same way, im a fan of gore (especially gory panties) and mlp (im actually watching mlp g4 s9 right now)

    • hi, sorry for the random comment, im just bored, although we could chat in my profile comments if youd like, since mine never gets comments anyway lol

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